What is JW Player?

JW Player is the world's most popular HTML5/Flash embeddable media player for websites. It supports a wide array of platforms (including robust mobile support) and media formats. It is open-source and easy to configure, customize and extend. All support documentation here refers to the latest JW Player, which is version 6.

Browser & Media Support

JW Player leverages both HTML5 <video> and Adobe Flash, which allows it to support a wider range of browsers/devices and audio/video formats than is possible with HTML5 or Flash alone. Below is an overview:

Browser Video Audio YouTube Streaming
Chrome MP4, FLV, WebM AAC, MP3, Vorbis Yes HLS, RTMP 1
Internet Explorer MP4, FLV AAC, MP3 Yes HLS, RTMP 1
Firefox MP4, FLV, WebM AAC, MP3, Vorbis Yes HLS, RTMP 1
Safari MP4, FLV AAC, MP3 Yes HLS, RTMP 1
iOS MP4 AAC, MP3 Yes 2 HLS
Android MP4, WebM AAC, MP3, Vorbis Yes 2 - 3
  1. Only the JW Player Premium and JW Player Ads Editions support HLS on desktops (see below).
  2. Limited support leveraging the player fallback option (no API and skinned controls).
  3. Due to a string of issues, HLS on Android is not officially supported.

JW Player automatically selects whether to use HTML5 or Flash based upon the media format(s) you embed and the browser or device a visitor uses to view your site.


JW Player is a mature product with a complete and robust set of features:

JW Player can be customized and extended beyond its existing feature set. A Skinning Model is available to customize the player's look and feel and a JavaScript API is available to extend its functionality.

JW Player also offers a robust integration with the popular WordPress CMS. This extensive plugin enables configuration of JW Player templates, embedding of audio/video content and creation of playlists.

Player Editions

JW Player is available in four distinct editions:

JW Player Free
This edition is free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license. It includes our basic set of integrated features, discussed above. During playback, a small JW Player watermark is displayed in the corner of the player.
JW Player Pro
This edition contains the same core features as the Free edition, but has no restriction around commercial use and no watermark. Additionally, you can set your own logo and use our 8 pro skins for a different player design. The Pro edition also comes with Social Sharing features and direct technical support.
JW Player Premium
This edition contains all features of the Pro edition, plus adaptive streaming using Apple HLS in Flash, integration with Google Analytics and our Related Videos overlay.
JW Player Enterprise
This edition contains all features of the Premium edition plus Advanced HLS Features like AES Encryption, DVR Live Streaming, and CEA-608 Captions. It also includes an integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst and support for casting content to a Chromecast device.
JW Player Ads
This edition contains all features of the Enterprise edition, plus video advertising support using the VAST/VPAID standards and Google's IMA integration and the ability to play VAST advertising on a Chromecast device.

See the JW Player Pricing page for pricing and licensing info.

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