Upgrading WordPress to JW6

This guide targets users of the JW Player WordPress who currently use JW Player 5. This guide explains what will be added and removed when the plugin is upgraded to use JW Player 6. This guide also describes the upgrade process.

If you're a new user of the JW Player WordPress plugin, you won't see the Upgrade to 6 option. Instead, the plugin uses JW6 from the start. Please see our Getting Started and Plugin Reference guides for more info.

Added Features

The following features will be added to the plugin when upgrading to JW6:

JW Player 6 Support
JW6 includes a new skin and mobile-optimized UX, completely refactored HTML5 support (including FullScreen) and extensive media support (MP4/FLV/WebM video, AAC/MP3 audio, YouTube playback and RTMP streaming). See About JW Player for more info.
CDN Hosted Player
The plugin now loads JW Player from our CDN, which means you don't have to download & install JW Player anymore. Our CDN ensures the player assets are delivered quickly and reliably across the globe. Through plugin updates, JW Player will be automatically updated with the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements.
Commercial Edition Support
If you own a commercial license of JW Player 6, insert your license key to un-lock the features of this edition. The Pro edition allows you to set a custom watermark and right-click link. The Premium edition also includes 8 premium skins, Apple HLS streaming support, Google Analytics and a Social Sharing overlay. The Ads also supports loading of a VAST/VPAID or a Google IMA pre-roll advertisements.

Removed Features

With its focus shifted from Flash to HTML5, the internal architecture of JW6 is much different than that of JW5. Therefore, a player upgrade also removes several functionalities:

Playback of GIF/JPG/PNG images
JW Player 6 does not support playback of images anymore. Instead, the player focuses solely on audio/video content. If you use JW Player extensively for images, you should stay at JW5. If you embed the occasional image, you can safely upgrade. The plugin will gracefully fail by displaying single images as plain HTML and skipping images in playlists.
Library of pre-installed ZIP skins
Since ZIP skins are not supported in JW Player 6 (HTML5), the library of ZIP skins, previously found in the player settings, is removed. Instead, users of any paid player edition will get access to our library of 8 Pro Skins after insertion of their license key.
Library of pre-installed SWF Plugins
The library of SWF plugins is also not available anymore from the player settings. Instead, some plugins (HD, CC) are simply built-in with all editions of JW Player. Other plugins (Sharing, GAPro) are included only in the Premium edition.
Selected Player Settings
The streamer, provider, dock, icons, colors, item, shuffle, bufferlength, smoothing, wmode and volume player settings are not supported anymore. Instead, they are all automatically set. Do note that RTMP streams (streamer/provider) are still supported, but you must insert the streamer as part of the URL in the media manager. See the Plugin Reference for more info.
Selected Media Settings
The creator, duration, html5_file and download_file media settings are not supported anymore. Creator/duration are never displayed in the player anymore and hence redundant. Instead of the html5_file/download_file options, we will add the ability to set multiple sources for each video. This will re-enable these fallbacks, as well as quality switching.

The Upgrade Process

Upgrading the WordPress plugin from JW5 to JW6 can be done from the Upgrade to 6 page, which is found under the JW Player settings. Clicking the button will upgrade the plugin, automatically adding and removing features:

The JW Player WordPress Upgrade to JW6 Screen

If you use any of the features that will be removed (see the list above), we recommend you disable them before upgrading to JW6.

License Key

When clicking the button, the plugin upgrade will happen instantly. A new settings screen is presented, allowing you to insert your license key. If you have a JW Player 6 license, insert your edition and key here to unlock its features and remove the JW Player logo:

The JW Player WordPress License Key Settings

This page includes additional settings for shortcode behaviour, anonymous tracking and purging of data. See the Plugin Reference for more info.

Revert to JW5

Should you run into issues with the JW6 installation, there's still an option to revert to JW5 again. This can be found under the JW Player settings. When reverting, all your media and players are reverted to their previous state, while all JW6 settings are removed:

The JW Player WordPress Revert to JW5 Screen

Note however, that the JW Player Plugin for WordPress no longer supports commercial JW5 upgrades. If you are interested in using a commercial version of the JW Player (or any new functionality going forward), you must upgrade to JW Player 6.

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