WordPress Plugin for JW Platform

Our official JW Platform WordPress plugin is a great tool for publishers using the WordPress CMS for their sites. This plugin enables uploading, searching and embedding videos, directly from within the WordPress post/page editor.

This document applies to users of JW Platform. Don't have Hosting? Upgrade Now.


Installing the WordPress plugin is a breeze:

  • Download the WordPress plugin and unzip.
  • Copy the resulting bits-on-the-run folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  • Login to your WordPress site and go to the Plugins page.
  • There will be a jwplatform plugin in your plugin list. Click activate to enable the plugin.
  • Now, go to the Settings » Media page in WordPress.
  • Under the JW Platform header log in to JW Platform in order to link your Wordpress blog to your JW Platform account
  • Save the WordPress settings.

Your integration between WordPress and JW Platform is now set up. Feel free to change additional settings, such as the default player to use in your WordPress posts:

WordPress settings page

In addition to this, you may choose to enable the widget in the authoring pages. By default, the widget is only available in the Add media window, which is accessible by clicking one of the icons after the Upload/Insert text, right above the text area.


With the setup completed, you will see a new tab in your Add media window. This tab shows a list of videos in your JW Platform account, plus a small form for uploading additional videos.

WordPress "Add media" window

Depending on your setings, the contents of this tab are also available as a box in the sidebar of the Edit Post page.

By default, your 5 newest videos are shown. Use the inline search field to find other videos, and to search playlists. Click on a video to insert it into your post. To only search your playlists, prefix your search by "playlist:" (without the quotes)..

The video upload form works exactly like within our dashboard. You can set a title for the video and browse for the original file on your computer. When submitting the upload, a bar will display the upload progress. After the upload has completed, the uploaded video will appear at the top of your video list.


JW Platform videos are embedded in a post with a so-called quicktag. Here's an example:

[jwplatform MdkflPz7]

Our plugin will convert this quicktag into an embed code when the post page is displayed to a visitor. As part of this, our plugin can also sign your embed code, in case you have enabled the player security settings for your account.

The setting for the signing timeout can be found under Settings > Media. By default, signing is disabled, since the timeout is set to 0. This because caching plugins like WP-supercache interfere with the signing. If you don't use caching, or make sure to set your signing timeout larger than the caching time, you can enable the signing by setting a timeout > 0.


By default, videos are embedded with the player you set up in the Media settings tab. Changing this setting will change the player in all videos you embedded in your WordPress site.

However, it is possible to override this setting and have a video embedded with a specific player. Therefore, also insert the key of the player you want to use in the quicktag:

[jwplatform MdkflPz7-35rdi1pO]

You can find the key of your players in the dashboard player section.

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