PlayStation3: Error - Flash must be 10.0 or greater

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  • Actually I assumed that JWplayer would play on PS3 systems without hassle, but today a client has complained that he cant watch our videos on his PS3 system.

    I have confirmed this myself, using latest official firmware from Sony, and using JW Player 6.1, the error message is:

    Error Loading Plsyer: Adobe Flash Must Be 10.0 Or Greater.

    From your FAQ this answer is:

    Error loading player: Flash version must be 10.0 or greater
    This means the version of the Flash plugin on your computer is too outdated for JW Player to use. Please visit the Adobe site to update your Flash player. Note this error will not occur if you do not have Flash at all (e.g. on an iPad).

    What is your workaround/fix regarding this on a PS3 system?

  • From what i understand they use Flash 10.0.0 to Compile there player, i think 5.x player use to use 9.x flash

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  • Of course they are.. if they didnt, the ps3 would be compatible.
    Im asking, what they suggest we do about it, cause alot of people use their ps3 to view videos...

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  • We require Flash player 10 for JW Player 6 because that is the only way we can play back HLS video inside Flash and Flash Player 10 and higher also have numerous hardware acceleration improvements and other performance improvements.

    If PS3 support is a hard requirement, you will need to use JW Player 5 (or use user agent detection and serve JW Player 5 to PS3’s and JW Player 6 to everyone else.

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  • @ remco

    How would I go about detecting the agent and serve jw5 to ps3's and jw6 to everyone else?

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  • <script language=javascript>
        var uAgent = navigator.userAgent;
       if (uAgent.indexOf("PLAYSTATION") != -1) {
          window.location = ("");
    From -

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  • Why would I want to redirect them to another website?
    I would want to redirect them to jw5, or am I understanding this the wrong way?

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  • This is just an example of how to use the PS3 user agent, that’s all.

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  • Hmm.. Guess ill try and figure out how I can redirect the player only!!

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  • Yes, you can use that method to display code for JW5 if a PS3 is used.

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  • Yea, im just trying to figure out how we can do that, when using our S2member plugin (which we also use to serve our media) :)

    Ill let you guys know if I figure it out :)

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  • Np :)

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