How to remove JW Player ???

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  • Hello everyone...
    2 days ago I was checking videos normally but somehow yesterday JW Player appeared on all of my browsers (FF/IE/and later Chrome).
    since its appearance all the videos that require JW Player are not working (when I press play NOTHING happens) !!!!
    I just want my browsers to get back to normal... I tried removing FireFox and then installing again but it didn't work

    Can you help me please, and try to be simple because am not an expert at all :) ?

  • The JW PLayer is a web based player, intended for webmasters who wish to embed videos into their own websites. It is not something that is possible to install on a computer :-)

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  • Ok now I get it... but can you tell me how can I open the videos that require JW Player? (in all browsers, the videos that require JWPlayer are not working)

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  • I would recommend that you update your browser and Flash Player installs.

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  • videos stall, just like they did prior to installing java....I'm taking a class and the constant stops and starts of java are making it difficult... need something that works...

    how do I get this off my computer ?

    many thanks


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  • get what off?

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  • @tink – Our player is not for end users, it is for webmasters who wish to embed videos into their own websites.

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  • I have the same thing, it just appeared one day in my firefox browser and it is ads that start playing on their own I can't stop them or control the volume and it is getting irritating! How can I get it off my computer?

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  • @metoo – Our player isn’t something that can be installed on your computer. It is impossible.

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  • runs on my pc great won't run on my website

    script type='text/javascript' src='/embed/jwplayer.js'></script>

    <div id="Layer12"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    jwplayer("Layer12").setup ({
    file:' JW/Tianna and Scotty.mp4',
    'controlbar': 'bottom',

    'width': '470',
    'height': '340'


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  • A link would be nice.

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  • if the jwplayer is not an installable software.... why is ther a "download" JW player then ??
    videos stopped working on different sites..
    can you help..
    flash is up to date, java is upto daet firefox is up to date.

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  • Works ok in my Chrome and FF 14.0.1. Win 7, 64 bit.
    I notice you have GZip compression enabled on your site...
    Maybe this is the problem?

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  • @marcpouliot – Is this your site?

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  • jw player installed itself i want rid of it

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  • Not possible. Our player is web based. It can’t install itself.

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  • thats bull shit man it appears on every single video i try to veiw on youtube i cant watch anything how do i get it to stop appearing

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  • No it doesn’t. /thread

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