How to share to a group on Facebook?

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  • I have been trying to share to one of my groups on FB, but this does not work.
    I fill in all details including the name of the group, but when clicking on "Share" I get an error message saying I have to add a recipient = name of group.

    Why can I not share to my group? Any ideas?


  • I’m not sure, but where you can post something to the wall of a group you would have to post the link to a preview page in order to make the video show up on the wall of a group.

    I must say that sometimes I find the Facebook UI a bit confusing here, so it takes me a couple of tries to find things too in the Facebook UI sometimes (also because it constantly changes).

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  • I've had the same problem, but only with a group I created since I installed Timeline... my other groups are recognised when I want to share a video, but my new group does not appear in the dropdown box etc. My group can be found on Facebook (since I changed it from Secret to Closed) so I know it's active. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • This is something Facebook specific. What should always work is if you go to the group in Facebook, then choose to post on the wall of that group, and then enter the preview page of the video as the link that you wish to share to the group.

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  • I basically found the only way was to go into comments and use @ and then the name, tagging the group in your post.

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  • I just realized that you cannot share something in a group that YOU created. But if you ask a friend to do it, they will find it - i.e. your group name will come up when they type it in to try and share.
    Hope that is of some help! Try it, ask a friend to share for you!

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  • Having the same problem, a fb friend opened a group & put me in it, I added 200 of my friends to it, but I'm not allowed to share. The group name doesn't show up in the box with the names in it.

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  • If you go to the group page, you should be able to write something to (the wall of) the group.

    Please note that for advanced questions on how to use Facebook, this probably isn’t the best forum.

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  • Sharing in a group. I can only choose the dropdown boxes once I type in a letter or two. Can't select a group that's not in the dropdown boxes. How do I get all of the groups I want to show up in the dropdown box?

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  • Hi,

    I am also facing the same problem on my newly created group that I cannot share post directly from my page or wall into my group because no drop down list for my group name. How is it possible to make it appear?

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  • I have been having the same problem for at least three weeks. I can't post to the group that I created. Is this a fb error are is their a new way to post to your own group.

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  • Guys – This is not a forum for Facebook support. /Thread

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