JW Player 6 Not Working In Firefox

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  • I just tried upgrading to JW player 6, but had to immediately revert back to 5 because it didn't work in Firefox. It does work in Chrome though.

    My primary product on the site is media - both audio and video, so I cannot leave my site up with version 6 active. Here is what I can tell you. I use the Wordpress plugin and [default] for "skin."

    Is this a known issue? I saw that someone else had a FF problem, but wasn't sure if they were using the Wordpress plugin.



  • Do you have a link?

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  • I have the same issue. The file is downloaded instead of played back and the skin isn't rendered.

    I'm fine with using the flash player as long as I can use MP4 for both Chrome and Firefox while still using my jwPlayer custom skin.

    What do you suggest Ethan?

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  • He'll suggest that you post a link.

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  • I suggest that the lead developers install the latest version of Firefox and try out their software on Windows. It doesn't work correctly.

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  • @Anthony

    JWP6.3.3242 works quite well in FF(19,20,21,22) and windows

    I'd venture to guess that there is possibly an error on your side BUT without a link it is impossible to troubleshoot.

    Its like going to the doctor and telling him/her I am sick BUT IF you do not tell what, where and how how can the doctor treat you.

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  • @Anthony. Why don't you post a link to your problem page and we'll check it out with our FF, Win 7.

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  • Heres a link: http://www.longtailvideo.com/jw-player/

    Even that video player goes directly to download.

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  • And here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ha96e9p.png

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  • One more screenshot of the Javascript console: http://i.imgur.com/Sxyigz7.png

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  • @Anthony. I've just checked the LTV link on FF. 19.0.2, Win 7, 64 bit and it works fine.

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  • @Anthony

    There is a very useful add-on for FF which when added it will give you a button to *Empty the Cache*.

    I use it for the different FF versions that I have.

    You could also while developing your web site, set the the Cache Web Content to 0.

    Additionally, an add-on that will certainly be most helpful is the an add-on that will add to your FF, a Web Developer toolbar which btw it is also available for Chrome.

    What I truly like about this toolbar is that I am able to check the responsive layouts. This toolbar, IMHO, gets *5**.

    Then of course "Crap Cleaner" or CCleaner is very useful to have to clear out your cache and temp files etc.

    Now IF you are really adventurous and have sufficient installed RAM(24gb+) then consider installing a RAM drive and have your cache(s), cookies, temp files, etc directed to it which all disappear when I shut off my system since it is a drive and behaves as a separate drive being in the RAM.

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  • @Anthony – Firefox does not support MP4 in HTML5 <video> yet, so Flash is required. You getting a download on our own link is an indication that you do not have Flash installed for Firefox, that’s your issue.

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  • I have the same issue(s) with the latest version of firefox, and with the latest version of flash installed.

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  • @Ethan
    I am not sure that Mozilla will ever have support for mp4 simply due to a licensing issue of the codec

    What FF are you using the latest FF is FF20 released 04-02-2013 and with Flash it is 11.6.602.180 although there is a 11.7 beta out

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  • @Ted, do you have a link?

    @Willie – Yes, we will see…

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  • My link is here: http://www.homebrewaudio.com/

    It worked fine with version 5 and it works on Chrome and IE, and though they weren't working on Firefox at first, all I had to do was clear my cache and cookies and it started working on SOME pages.

    My problem now is that my course content videos all say: "Error setting up player:
    Invalid license key"

    What does that mean?



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  • There are both JW5, and they work fine ?

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  • Yes Ethan. I just reverted back because I just discovered that new pricing structure. I can't use JW 6 because I simply cannot afford it. This is a shame because I was really looking forward to version 6. But going from a 1-time fee to a hundred bucks per year is too much money.

    I don't even need most of the features like analytics and other bells and whistles. I just need a player that works plays video and audio on both desktop and mobile devices.

    I guess I'll be looking to a different player.

    Thanks for all your help these past few years, Ethan.


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  • Np . . .

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  • FWIW, the pricing structure is fair for the services provided. Thank you for developing and enhancing your product.

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  • Thank you Therese, Np.

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