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  • If you can find the flv the vimeo player is loading, you can do it.

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  • using clipnabber I was able to get some sort of link to a vimeo flv

    when you paste that link to your browser it can be downloaded

    Ive tried to play it in jw player but it doesnt seem to work, would it have something to do with the "&" or "?" in the url?

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  • I am also interested in this, anyone have any idea?

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  • I figured out how to do it with Blip. This page uses the JW Player from my server, the still image is from my server and the flv is from Blip.

    I emailed blip if it saw ok to do this a couple of weeks ago and they never emailed back.

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  • don't understand all 'its a first time for me and my english is tough but i learn.quickly and i love lot of sries'dexter for an exemple desperate .h.lost' 24h etc... excuse me for my en glish but i don't use it .by a long time. .

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  • Did anyone solved this Problem?
    Vimeo and JW Player???

    Thanks philippsen

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  • Can anyone please help, we would like to run vimeo rss into the jw player ? has anyone achieved this ?

    Look forward to your responses

    Thanks in advance


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  • $80 PayPal *_IN ADVANCE!_*

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  • 80 bucks? ill pay that!
    anyone figured this out???

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  • ok so it was easy to play vimeo within the JW player.

    only problem is that it will only play low quality version. I can not seem to get it to play HD yet. any ideas.

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  • I found a site that has it. It has HD working and SD will come later on apparently.

    Will I share the site? No :(

    Sorry guys...but I don't want the script to go dead if I share the site I found.

    Check it out (HD version)


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  • Gee Graxeon, thanks for the helpful input to the forum.
    Do tell us when you've found something else unique we can't have - can't wait.

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  • Hello everyone,

    I got some good news for y'all. I almost got my plugin working which loads a vimeo video in the jw player.

    example here:

    It's also perfectly legit with the terms of Vimeo because the video is loaded through the moogaloop player.

    almost everything is working, except the fullscreen functionality is still a bit buggy. If you are interested in this plugin contact me: info [at] wessite [dot] com


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  • Guys,
    It really isn't very hard to figure out the url to the source video (usually MP4) of vimeo videos - I worked on this last night, as part of a client website video page, here:

    The videos are automatically loaded from his vimeo account,

    I used the RSS feed feature of vimeo to get the video IDs of his videos (and other info such as title).
    I then wrote a small function to convert a vimeo ID into a source video (mp4) URL:

    bc.. function vimeoid2url($id) {
    $xml = file_get_contents("{$id}");


    $url = "{$id}/{$sig[1]}/{$exp[1]}/?q=sd";
    return $url;

    Then I simply load that URL in the JW FLV player like any other video URL.
    (although you do need the "type=video" FlashVar so the player knows it is a video)

    If you understand the above code, great, I hope it helps you. If not, and you would like help with getting something similar working for yourself, I can be contacted at

    Good luck =)

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  • No problem, I like your code ^^
    (apart from the heredoc syntax, I hate to ruin indentation, haha)

    You could grab the preview image from the rss stream to put in the spiff playlist, as a preview image in the JW player, with a couple additions;

    Uncomment the $ns_media var, then add this line somewhere below;
    bc.. $image = str_replace('_200','_640',$ns_media->content->thumbnail->attributes()->url);

    then this in the somewhere in the spiff output;
    bc.. <image>{$image}</image>

    That way you get a nice preview image while the video loads - it's HD, you gotta give them something to look at =)


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  • Thanks for the image code, I hadn't gotten around to that yet. And I still need to cleanup the description more intelligently.

    I hear what you're saying about the heredocs, but they save so much code, and are much "cleaner"!

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  • Yeah, the contents of the description element are pretty messy without much consistency among videos.
    It looks like the output from a javascript-based WYSIWYG editor is saved directly to vimeo's database.

    In most cases (including your script above), heredocs can be replaced by double quotes without any problems.
    The only difference I can think of is the need to escape double quotes in the string, which tends to be a rare occurrence for me as I tend towards single quotes.

    Even if I do need to escape one or two, it is worth it for the prettyprinting ;-)

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  • Even though my playlist doesn't look as nice as I'd like it to, the description looks OK in the player most of the time. A little more experience so I can see the range of "garbage" and I'll apply a little more cleanup.

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  • Hi folks, THANKS to Andrew and lost for getting me going on a script. I found that the XML it spits out, I can't get to work with JW Player, so I tweaked it's output a bit, and this php file will make an XML file that JW can read (and have vimeo return the .MP4 or .FLV, instead of the moogaloop.swf alone):

    bc.. <?php

    $url = '[USERNAME]/videos/rss';
    $playlist = $XML = simplexml_load_file($url);
    $max_tracks = 10;
    $count = 0;
    $max_description = 120;

    header("Content-Type: text/xml;charset=utf-8");

    print <<<END
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer=''>


    foreach($playlist->channel->item as $item)
    $ns_dc = $item->children('');
    $ns_media = $item->children('');
    $image = $ns_media->content->thumbnail->attributes()->url;
    // $image = str_replace('_200','_640',$ns_media->content->thumbnail->attributes()->url);

    $creator = str_replace('&', '&', $ns_dc->creator);
    $title = str_replace('&', '&', $item->title);
    $title = str_replace("&","&",$item->title);
    $location = vimeourl2videourl($item->enclosure['url']);
    $annotation = substr($item->description, (strpos($item->description, '</a></p><p>') + 11));
    $annotation = strip_tags($annotation, '');
    $annotation = substr($annotation, 0, $max_description);

    print <<<END
    <media:content url="{$location}" />
    <media:thumbnail url="{$image}" />


    if($count > $max_tracks) break;

    print <<<END



    function vimeourl2videourl($url)
    $url = explode('=', $url);
    $id = $url[1];
    $xml = file_get_contents("{$id}");


    $url = "{$id}/{$sig[1]}/{$exp[1]}/?q=sd";
    return $url;


    I can feed JW player the .php URL directly, and it populates my player. Hope this helps.


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  • Can't seem to get the vimeourl2videourl function to work with my newer videos. Have they changed the API?

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  • NO API changes.

    Still works fine here:


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  • It would appear though that it doesn't work all the time (you may not have tested it much) due to a security error. More details here...

    I've found it quiet flaky. Even if the vimeo site is accessible and the codes to request the file works. sometimes the videos just don't work.

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  • Lost, it was realy works sample, but some time ago I have a problem to play Vimeo videos with my JW player. Your sample don't work too. Can anybody help with this problem?

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  • Quite the contrary, my Test Page *ALWAYS* works!

    You have to wait a few seconds for the Vimeo playlist to be created and loaded, but it has *_NEVER_* failed to load in many, many tests

    *_ANDNONE of the videos have EVER failed to load._*

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  • LOST, you are right! Now all works. Probably it were time problems.

    I have placed a player on my site, but I have a problem with Vimeo.
    I have downloaded from your test page script - "swfobject.js" v.2.2 and your playlist - "playlist_converter_Vimeo.php". After I connect both files to my site, player and playlist from your test page are displayed on my site, but when I add link to my video - player gives out an error.

    In your playlist (playlist_converter_Vimeo.php) I see links like: q=sd

    My links from Vimeo look as:

    If I receive the link with Keepvid they look as: q =

    In both cases my video is not reproduced on my site and I even cant download it from Vimeo.

    Please, explain to me how can I receive links same as at your playlist? Is It enough that all worked?

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  • @Pavel,

    *playlist_converter_Vimeo.php* is a PHP script that reads a Vimeo *feed* and *_converts_* it to a format that can be used by the JW FLV Player. It is posted above on Jul 27, 2009. You are only looking at its output.

    For a single Vimeo URI, you should use the *Vimeo.php* script posted below, like this:bc.. 'file':encodeURIComponent('Vimeo.php?id=5501710'),

    *Vimeo.php*bc.. <?php

    // call with:

    $id = isset($_GET['id']) ? strval($_GET['id']) : '5501710';

    $videoxml = file_get_contents("{$id}");

    preg_match('|<request_signature>(.*)</request_signature>|i', $videoxml, $sig);
    preg_match('|<request_signature_expires>(.*)</request_signature_expires>|i', $videoxml, $sigexp);

    $uri = "{$id}/{$sig[1]}/{$sigexp[1]}/?q=sd";

    // print "URI: $uri"; exit;

    header("Location: $uri");



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  • @Lost, I have understood. But I need help not for single Vimeo URL. I need to create playlist with my videos from Vimeo.

    I have inserted PHP script posted Jul 27, 2009 into my file "playlist_converter_Vimeo.php" but after that I have the message from JW player on my site - "THIS PLAYLIST IS NOT A VALID XML FILE"

    Please tell me what lines I need to change in PHP script posted Jul 27, 2009 and what code I need to use on my html page.

    Here part of my html code (same as your sample):

    bc.. <script src="./video/player/swfobject.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var flashvars =
    //...these don't work for snapshots - probably because of the 302 or because there is no cross-domain policy file
    on Vimeo
    //'file': 'playlist_Vimeo.xml',
    //...defaults to vimeo HD Rss feed

    'file': './video/player/playlist_converter_Vimeo.php',
    'playlist': 'bottom',
    'playlistsize': '240',
    'repeat': 'always',
    'stretching': 'none',
    'displaytitle': 'true',

    //...this works for snapshots
    //'file': '/video/5501710.mp4',
    //'plugins': '',
    //'snapshot.script': '',
    //'': 'true', // false doesn't work
    //...using any skin results in a blank snapshot
    //'skin': 'bright',
    //'skin': 'simple',

    'frontcolor': '86C29D', // text & icons (green)
    'backcolor': '003367', // playlist background (blue)
    'lightcolor': 'C286BA', // selected text/track highlight (red)
    'screencolor': 'FFFFFF', // screen background (black)
    'id': 'playerID',
    'autostart': 'true'

    var params =
    'allowfullscreen': 'true',
    'allowscriptaccess': 'always',
    'bgcolor': '#FFFFFF'

    var attributes =
    'id': 'playerID',
    'name': 'playerID'

    swfobject.embedSWF('./video/player/player.swf', 'player', '640', '628', '9.0.124', false, flashvars, params,

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var player = null;

    function playerReady(obj)
    player = gid(;

    function gid(name)
    return document.getElementById(name);

    My playlist_converter_Vimeo.php: same as post from Jul 27, 2009

    Where my error?
    P.S. Link to my videos at Vimeo :

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  • @lost/andrew/bob
    I have used the converter PHP and it works well in conjucntion with my allvideo Joomla plugin but it is very slow to generate the valid xml on first load

    Any ideas how to imporve the performance?


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  • @lost

    your code is converting my titles, but it doesn't load the videos.

    Any idea?

    Have you implemented Andrew's Preview Grabbing?

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  • Guys, I'd love to help out with this, but the client I worked on this for recently told me that his Vimeo account got suspended because my code was streaming the videos through JW player on his site.

    So, based on this, I recommend anyone interested in getting this working forgets about it - it isn't worth losing your Vimeo account.

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  • Andrew, you’re right.

    Sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc, don’t allow you to steal bandwidth from them, which is perfectly understandable.

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  • I have upgraded the Vimeo Plugin to work with the newest Moogaloop API of Vimeo.

    You can view it at this page:

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  • If you use the Vimeo plugin setup can you use Yume ads?

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  • This is probably against Vimeo’s Terms of Service…

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  • Thanksforthefunction,Andrew.

    bc.. <?php



















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  • Hi all,

    I used the wessite plugin to load vimeo videos, and I use player4.swf that's the only one that works

    All ok, but I can't set up the video screen (fill, uniform, etc..) it's always 'uniform'

    an example here:

    <div class="style9">

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    var so = new SWFObject('','ply','512','500','9','#ffffff');
    so.addVariable('plugins', 'viral-2');
    so.addVariable('viral.callout', 'none');
    so.addVariable('viral.onpause', 'false');


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  • You are using flashvars, which override addvariables, that is the issue.

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  • I made a new plugin called "Vimeo Component" that embeds Vimeo videos in the JW player v5 and keeps the players synchronized in both ways. More information can be found here:

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  • where can i get moogaloop player? Is it the same as JW player?

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  • and how do I add in the link possibility you see at the end of this video, to link to an other site/selling page?

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  • 1) Please read wessite’s comment

    2) It is not possible to add a link at the end of a video.

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  • Here you can find a working example of a Vimeo provider inside JW Player

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  • Thanks, yes this is how to do it.

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  • I am using wordtube a wordpress plugin to embed videos from various sites to my site ( an entertainment and news portal, but i could not embed vimeo video as it is not producing direct media link and asking for session id and cookies i think. is there anyone who have fixed the problem? there may be some downloading scripts which may generate or spy into the direct media link of vimeo videos? please share.

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  • We don’t support Vimeo.

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  • How do you get vimeo provider to work, I have bought it, installed it, but playlist does not work. Only single video showing.

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  • This isn’t our provider, we aren’t providing support for it.

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  • When you sign up for a vimeo pro account, vimeo gives you access to the SD, HD, mobile and streaming files. Which you can easily embedd

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  • Wonderful.

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