Video not play Samsung Android mobile phone or the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

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  • I have problem to view video on Samsung Android mobile phone or the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet.

    My code is below.

    bc.. <div id='mediaspace'>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    'file': "1.mp4",
    'width': $('[data-role="content"]').width(),
    'height': $(window).height() - 100,
    'autostart': 'true',
    'stretching': 'exactfit',
    'controlbar': 'bottom',
    modes: [
    {type: 'html5'},
    {type: 'flash', src: 'player.swf'}



    in Browser every thing is fine I have tested on Firefox, Safari and Chrome Browsers but in android tablet and phone it shows error "Cannot play video Sorry, this video cannot be played." this is Live link of my Site.

  • How did you encode your videos?

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  • My Videos are in .MP4 format. My videos are perfectly working on iPad and iPhone. The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet has Flash Player 11.1.11 and runs Android 2.3 O.S., but the videos aren't playing on it. The Mobile phone I'm using is a Samsung Dart. I doesn't support Flash. However, it will open and play videos full screen such as the one on my other site or Youtube, so there must be a way to make it work in a similar way with the iGrapple.

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  • What happens if you use this file, does it work?

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  • Yes its work on both Samsung and also working perfect on android Simulator. Where should I do a mistake? Why My videos are not playing on android? My all videos are came amazon S3.

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  • Sometimes its play very well on android but sometime its shows only black screen.
    this is new link of your given video. Kindly help me.

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  • This link works for me.

    I would recommend re-encoding your videos –

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  • Thanks a lot for Help I have re-encode the videos and now these are working fine. I have another problem. My video is auto play on on android and desktop But on iPad auto play not working.

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  • Np. Apple removes autostart on iOS devices in html5 <video> natively, I’m afraid.

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  • Ethan,
    Can you please tell me what settings you used on handbrake to encode the video?

    I been trying various encodes for several days now with Handbrake and your video is the only one that will play on my Android 2.3 device with the latest JW player. It plays if I hotlink it from your site or if I embed it in my site. I'm just unable to recreate the encode settings.

    The player is fine. iOS is fine. Newer Androids are fine. But my 2.3 Android will only play your bunny.mp4 video.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • I didn’t encode this file, but the person who did told me the following – When encoding, please make sure you are using H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 or lower with no more than three reference frames, AAC Low Complexity Profile, and an MP4 container if you want to support older iProducts. The “Normal” profile in Handbrake doesn’t use Baseline Profile H.264 so the older devices can’t decode it. Use the iPod or iPhone presets in Handbrake and they will work fine in Flash as well! Make sure to also check off Web Optimized, and iPod 5G Support! Also, please note, older iOS devices (3Gs for example), have a resolution limit of 640×480!

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  • Ethan, thank you! I used the default "iPod" setting and it works perfectly. Alternatively, the "iPhone & iPod Touch" setting work too.

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  • Np!

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  • Ethan I have Changed the Background of Player into white. But on iPod it showing Black Background. Any Suggestions???

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  • Do you have a link?

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    This is link of my Site. Here click on test drop down and check any video.
    Note: Videos are playing well on Android. Its Shows Black Screen on iPod.

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  • These work fine on my iPhone 4s, what version is your device exactly? You could also try to run the file through handbrake ( using a preset that is specific to your device generation to see if that changes anything.

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  • Hi

    Can you help me? Im trying do play some LIVE CONTENT using a PRO version of JW Player, but doesnt work in ANDROID.

    Windows (PC) and iPhone works well, but not on Android: the message is:

    Error Loading Player
    No playabe sources found.

    Here is the player embeded:


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  • You are using V5 options here, modes, which don’t work in V6.

    Reference –

    Example –

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  • Hi Ethan

    Thanks for your help, but the code updated to V6 still doesn't work...


    The same message in Android: "Error Loading Player / No playabe sources found."


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  • Works for me now, did you fix the issue?

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    No, didn't fix... Still having the same problem on android.
    Im trying on a Galaxy Tab 2.

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  • Ah, sorry. yes this is because android doesn’t support either m3u8 or rtmp…does your cdn provide you with a rtsp link?

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