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  •   Know the amount of time someone is watching the video 1 answers posted Aug 21, 2014 12:54PM EDT

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if your player has an API that allows to know the amount of time someone is watching the video ?

  •   Starting with a time offset in mobile phone 0 answers posted Aug 20, 2014 03:13AM EDT

    hi I know time offset won't work in mobile phone for video. But will it work for audio only player? I also won't need it to switch to full screen mobile after pressing the play button (e.g in iPhone) Le...

  •   API 'onMeta' check bandwidth? kbps? 0 answers posted Aug 19, 2014 11:46PM EDT

    I am trying to capture the used "bandwidth/network data" via JavaScript API 'onMeta', see your demo page has output the 'kbps' info, but trying on my site, only output the bandwidth info. Can using the bandw...

  •   Starting playback in mp4 file at a point other than the beginning Safa... 7 answers posted Aug 19, 2014 03:04PM EDT

    I am switching between synchronized video files based on the current playhead time. Things work great on Chrome and Firefox, but on Safari the loaded file always starts at the beginning. I am using strictly htm...

  •   jwplayer().play() on mobile devices 9 answers posted Aug 18, 2014 10:07AM EDT

    Hi, Does jwplayer().play() should work on mobile browsers?

  •   How to get end-of-the-stream event when live video completed 0 answers posted Aug 18, 2014 04:02AM EDT

    In our web page, where JwPlayer is embedded, we need to get end-of-the-stream event to make some actions. We found out that onComplete callback meets our needs pretty well, but there is a problem. It works just...

  •   how can I change current playing video image? 0 answers posted Aug 17, 2014 11:55AM EDT

    I need to change current video image. How can I do that?

  •   Javascript api get video title 2 answers posted Aug 17, 2014 11:06AM EDT

    I loaded related plugin. When user clicks one of the related video, player begins to play the video. My related video file is here: I set title to the every...

  •   Audio Data (eqData, peakData, waveformData) 4 answers posted Aug 15, 2014 04:05PM EDT

    Is it possible with the JS-API to get the eqData, peakData and the waveformData from an audio incoming signal over the flash player? Is it possible to see this feature in a further version of jwplayer? I ...

  •   JW 6 resetting to auto in multibit rate menu fired when paused 3 answers posted Aug 14, 2014 07:48AM EDT

    Hello, currently implementing the following code to reset the quality to "auto" when the page reloads: jwplayer().onReady(function(event) { jwplayer().onQualityLevels(function(event) { jwplayer...

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