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  •   Impossible to Play after a Stop 0 answers posted Nov 30, 2015 03:09AM EST

    Hi! With version 7.2.2 a call to stop() will make the player unusable, as any subsequent calls to play() will cause the player to buffer indefinitely. Here is a very simple example:

  •   JWPlayer 7.2.2 Android pause 0 answers posted Nov 29, 2015 08:59AM EST

    Hi I'm testing the movie from page: on first click movie start play perfectly, but when I click second...

  •   sharingPlugin / relatedPlugin Undefined 1 answers posted Nov 28, 2015 06:48PM EST

    Here is my code on page, which is having issues though the same code works on a small player demo page, so not sure what's happening here: $(document).delegate('#vr_share', 'click', function(){ $( "#overl...

  •   How do I get the filename of the currently playing item from a playlis... 0 answers posted Nov 27, 2015 06:08PM EST

    I know that I can use playerInstance.getPlaylistItem()['file'] to return the name of the _first_ source file in the currently playing playlist, but I have a playlist containing low and high resolution versions ...

  •   [Important] Problem with Google Index & JW player CDN 0 answers posted Nov 26, 2015 11:08AM EST

    HI, I have a big problem with your Cloud-Hosted Player. According to Google indexer (Search Console), my pages with a video has not indexed because of this url

  •   Bug Report: Can't Toggle Video Quality in HTML5 JW7 2 answers posted Nov 24, 2015 06:09PM EST

    JW7 HTML5 player can't toggle progressive download video, though the Flash Player has no issue: Try switching, it just goes to a loader graphic and never recovers...

  •   Keep Trying Until HLS Stream Starts 2 answers posted Nov 24, 2015 10:47AM EST

    I am having some issues with HLS Streams and version 7.2.2 I had previously asked here:

  •   Pause on beforeComplete (Prevent Stop event) 2 answers posted Nov 24, 2015 12:21AM EST

    playerInstance.on('beforeComplete', function(e){ //alert("before"); playerInstance.pause(true); console.log("tried to stop!"); }); The code above is meant to pause the player instead of allowing it to...

  •   Add YouTube URL to Playlist Using load() in JW 7 2 answers posted Nov 23, 2015 10:26AM EST

    I have code that uses load() to replace the "active" video in a player with a single file reference. When I try this using a URL to a YouTube video, I get the "Error: No suitable provider found." I'm using a cl...

  •   If Paused, Pause OnSeek, If Playing, Keep Playing OnSeek 6 answers posted Nov 21, 2015 05:28PM EST

    I'm stuck. I've figured out a way (finally) to get the player to respect the user has the video already paused when they seek, but now it pauses even when the user attempts to seek while playing. playerInsta...

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