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  •   Trouble disableling default play/pause on click - JW7+AngularJS 1 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 01:29PM EDT

    Hi, I want to disable the default behavior in which the mouse click toggles between play and pause. Unfortunately, I am not sure if my issue has to do with JWPlayer or with the fact that I am using it withi...

  •   Launch full screen action from another action 1 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 06:57AM EDT

    Hello, I have an independant "fullscreen" picture on my website. On click on this picture, i want to launch my video on full screen (as a click on the fullscreen action embeded in JW Player). How i can d...

  •   Same quality for files in playlist 0 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 05:30AM EDT

    When I change quality on one file (for example, I choose 1080p source in toolbar), can I save it for other files in playlist?

  •   Seamless looping in JWP 7 2 answers posted Oct 07, 2015 03:21PM EDT

    Whether playing in HTML5 mode or flash mode, when setting "repeat: true", the loading circle appears for about 0.5 seconds at the end of each play When using native HTML5 video this does not happen - with th...

  •   Choosing between default and failback players 0 answers posted Oct 07, 2015 01:37PM EDT

    Hi - I can set JW Player 7 to default to either flash or HTML5 Ideally I'd rather default to HTML5 - but I have found in some instances that results in failure. In particular, if using a version of IE that ...

  •   Pre-load the next video while playing the previous one from the playli... 1 answers posted Oct 07, 2015 04:52AM EDT

    I want to buffer next video from play-list, while its about to complete the current, so that user experience smooth transition between two videos.

  •   fallback for old phones 0 answers posted Oct 04, 2015 12:03PM EDT

    hi there, we are using jwplayer7 right now. is there a fallback solution for old phones (eg. iphone4, windows phone), which are not supported by jwplayer. in our tests those phones show a "unsupported sour...

  •   YouTube videos with options 0 answers posted Oct 01, 2015 05:55AM EDT

    I would like to use Youtube captions for my videos (when the videos are from youtube) and "view later" link. On the other hand, the video quality configuration is not working. When the video is playing and I...

  •   When fullscreen remove button 2 answers posted Sep 28, 2015 11:07AM EDT

    I don't know javascript that well. I see the events .onfullscreen and also .removebutton How is it written to say that when the user goes fullscreen to remove the button, if the button id is "uploadvideo" Th...

  •   Is JW Player 5 compatible with Universal Analytics ? 1 answers posted Sep 27, 2015 11:45PM EDT

    Is there any integration, or optional API for UA?

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