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  •   How to make the CC and HD buttons simultaneously displayed in the cont... 1 answers posted May 20, 2015 03:57AM EDT

    How to make the CC and HD buttons simultaneously displayed in the control bar?

  •   onTime broken + onPause not firing with HLS live stream, work fine wit... 0 answers posted May 19, 2015 11:27PM EDT

    We are using jwplayer 6.12, and just noticed that with HLS live stream, the onTime event doesn't work as expected while the onPause event doesn't fire at all. Both work fine with RTMP live stream. With the l...

  •   undefined is not a function (evaluating 'g.filterPlaylist(b)') 0 answers posted May 11, 2015 09:19AM EDT

    Hi Guys, We are experiencing the following error on iOs when using the JWPlayer6. the following error message is displayed in the centre of the video container: undefined is not a function (evaluating 'g....

  •   Can I playing only part of video 0 answers posted May 04, 2015 11:57PM EDT

    When we embed the player in a page we can use the #t=250 to start at a given time in seconds. Is there a way of stopping the player at a given time?

  •   Flash loading issues hold the onReady event 0 answers posted May 03, 2015 09:14AM EDT

    Hi I'm using the latest jwplayer version (6.12) And I am using the player events to send usages to my server using ajax requests. I've noticed that sometimes the onReady event does not fire, and neither do...

  •   Error while loading video 1 answers posted May 01, 2015 09:24AM EDT

    Hi, Video was working fine till yesterday but from today it is not working. please see this screenshot . there are some errors in the console. its urgent please reply.

  •   How to change poster onComplete without loading a new video 3 answers posted Apr 29, 2015 10:41AM EDT

    Hello, I see this a lot, and I understand there's no way to natively separate the start poster from the one shown onComplete. I was wondering how to use the API in order to do that. I'm aware of this:...

  •   How to hide "Server not found: rtmpt://..." message 0 answers posted Apr 29, 2015 04:42AM EDT

    Hi, In my example, the player tries to play video from amazon s3 rtmp distribution. But in some companies that using proxy.pac, (like ours..) the rtmp stream cannot be used, because the player tries to conne...

  •   Multiple chapters loaded when jumping to certain playlist item 1 answers posted Apr 28, 2015 07:03AM EDT

    Hi, There seems to be a little bug when dealing with playlists where the videos have chapters. I have such a playlist and upon opening the player I need to jump to a different file in the playlist and play ...

  •   .load() a new playlist had issue in FireFox 0 answers posted Apr 21, 2015 03:12PM EDT

    I made a player which needs to switch between multiple playlists. If I use .load() for this it wouldn't work in the latest versions of FireFox. It worked for me everywhere else though. Using .setup() again was ...

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