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  •   Disable pause click with Live RTMP 0 answers posted Sep 02, 2014 10:04AM EDT

    Hi, I'm using JWPlayer 6.10 for LIVE RTMP stream. I can't disable controls. I need to disable/override click event. This solution doesn't work: jwplayer().onDisplayClick(function(){ jwplayer().play();...

  •   Seeking not working on Windows Phone Internet Explorer 0 answers posted Sep 01, 2014 12:48PM EDT

    The seek method on the jwplayer instance doesn't work in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone (8). When called, the player gets replaced by a string [object Object]. Can this be fixed?

  •   Using variable argument in jwplayer() 0 answers posted Aug 30, 2014 03:32PM EDT

    I have several videos embedded in sliders on my web page (nonumber sliders). The videos do not automatically stop playing when the slider is closed. I tried the following code to access the video player state...

  •   Seek on PlaylistItem not work on flash player 1 answers posted Aug 28, 2014 12:09PM EDT

    Hello, we're trying to use playlist with seek button for every item of playlist. We use a playlist with more files and the user can go to a specific file and second clicking a button that call: jwplayer()...

  •   HTML5 fallback when flash out of date and disabled by browser 1 answers posted Aug 27, 2014 12:12PM EDT

    I'd like to do HTML5 playback when a user's flash is out of date, rather than display the browser's native "flash out of date ->" button. ——> Is there a defined way to do this? The setupError event is not...

  •   Seeking to a position in non-integer seconds (assuming sufficient keyf... 2 answers posted Aug 26, 2014 04:56AM EDT

    Hi, states that seek(position) needs integer seconds. Is it possible to use fractions of seconds if the video has enou...

  •   api for j2ee application 0 answers posted Aug 25, 2014 03:29AM EDT

    we are using java j2ee techonology, can i get api support via java instead of php. we want to integrate jwplayer to our site

  •   How to check if jwplayer is playing with HTML5 or flash using javascri... 2 answers posted Aug 25, 2014 02:29AM EDT

    I am using Jw Player version 6.9 and i would like to know whether jwplayer is playing with HTML5 or Flash player using Javascript API in my browser? I have set HTML5 as primary but still its playing using JW...

  •   Callback example 1 answers posted Aug 24, 2014 01:16PM EDT

    Thank you for your player. I have a couple of general observations about your support section which I hope you will find useful: 1) Most question threads are not useful. I have found many question threads...

  •   Know the amount of time someone is watching the video 1 answers posted Aug 21, 2014 12:54PM EDT

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if your player has an API that allows to know the amount of time someone is watching the video ?

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