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  •   pesudo streaming not working in jwplayer 6 0 answers posted Jun 29, 2015 01:42AM EDT

    hi we have been using jwplayer 4 for pesudo streaming of mp4 video files using h264 installed over iis 6 win2003 server it was working fine with those parameters : so.addVariable('file','http://link t...

  •   using mod_flvx and mod_h264 simultaneously 0 answers posted Jun 28, 2015 05:39PM EDT

    I am using mod_flvx for .flv extension(SD Version) and mod.h264 for .mp4 streaming(HD Version)... Everything works fine exept when I switch to HD Version of Video I am unable to seek in video. I also wants t...

  •   Do we need to purchase new license for subdomains 0 answers posted Jun 26, 2015 09:19AM EDT

    I want to buy your Pro version. But i have many sites simply as,, as subdomains. Do i have to purchase as many licenses or can i get one license for and then add ...

  •   Adaptive Amazon streaming on both desktop and mobile 2 answers posted Jun 26, 2015 07:27AM EDT

    Is it possible to have both flash and html5 adaptive streaming with Amazon Cloudfront? I am using the code below which has been working well but the client would like to try adaptive streaming to send two diffe...

  •   MP4 stream stops after 3 hours 19 minutes 0 answers posted Jun 22, 2015 06:18AM EDT

    This problem has been raised several times, but the discussion was taken to e-mail, so I haven't found the answer (see

  •   stream works fine in IE8, IE9 but NOT in IE11 1 answers posted Jun 19, 2015 06:49AM EDT

    Example: This stream / player works fine in older IE, latest FF, Chrome and Safari, but NOT in IE11 What is going wrong? Also, when I add a different url (from a d...

  •   Seeking problem on Chrome and Firefox 2 answers posted Jun 17, 2015 06:45AM EDT

    Hi, some of my videos can't seek forward or backward. For instance when you start playing and when you want to go to min 2:00, you can't go back or forward. Video starts from the beginning again or sometimes jw...

  •   Mixed use of different versions 2 answers posted Jun 16, 2015 09:30PM EDT

    I recently discovered that flash mode is playing video, the video area will appear green, I do not know what is the reason? jw6.12: jwplayer.html5.js and jwplayer.js jw6.8: jwplayer.flash.swf

  •   how to add my high quality & low quality live streaming to toggle bet... 1 answers posted Jun 16, 2015 01:56AM EDT

    Hi I'm having lots of trouble with my streaming and jwplayer. I can't get to add both streaming on the jwplayer player, high and low quality live video streaming. I'm definitely doing something wrong. Either T...

  •   "error loading stream : could not connect to server" 0 answers posted Jun 13, 2015 11:18AM EDT

    what does that error missage mean and how can i deal with it the thing is that the the stream works sometimes but mostly it doesn't and this missage shows up

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