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  •   internally jwplayer can connect to streaming server, externally it can... 3 answers posted Oct 23, 2014 03:30PM EDT

    i have a wowza streaming engine server 4.1, that is streaming HLS, HDS, and RTMP. on the websites we are using jwplayer with, the player connects and streams perfectly within the network. from a computer/cli...

  •   404 fragment stops the player 0 answers posted Oct 23, 2014 11:06AM EDT

    Hi dear, We have a VOD stream which are generating 404 response code for some chunkies. When this occurs, it seems that the JW Player stops suddenly, as the screenshot below:

  •   RTSP and JW Player 1 answers posted Oct 22, 2014 08:12PM EDT

    I am trying to find an answer to this question, and can't tell from the forums here. Does the JW Player support RTSP streaming?

  •   jw6 not sending start param for flv files 1 answers posted Oct 22, 2014 03:26PM EDT

    I have flv files and I have the player in primary: flash mode. I noticed with mp4 files, it adds the ?start=0 for flv files, I see no ?start=0 So why is it working for mp4 files and not flv files?

  •   HLS Streaming works only in Chrome, not Firefox or Opera 2 answers posted Oct 22, 2014 02:26AM EDT

    Hi, we are currently making some tests about delivery of HLS to desktop to handle only one streaming format to all devices and while testing with the JWPlayer Wizard we founded that HLS plays very well while wo...

  •   Setup & Play in one click on mobile 0 answers posted Oct 21, 2014 05:01PM EDT

    My website is streaming live audio through hls and rtmp. There are multiple streams to choose from on the page, so I wait to setup my jwplayer until the user clicks one, and then I call play. This works fine on...

  •   No streaming on popular sites with Firefox, Chrome and Opera on Window... 0 answers posted Oct 21, 2014 03:36PM EDT

    On very popular streaming sites, all I get now is: Loading Video, Please wait... I get this in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on my Windows 8.1 pro AND Kali Linux. I have JAVA 8 update 25, and the latest Fl...

  •   Not working in a ncomputing enviroment 0 answers posted Oct 20, 2014 11:15AM EDT

    I have a Ncomputing lab in my school. The video files that are created through the jwplayer are not streaming. I have tried using IE, Chrome, and firefox with all the same results. I have a vlc player install...

  •   HLS/VOD/Wowza/SecureToken problem 9 answers posted Oct 20, 2014 10:32AM EDT

    Hi, I'm using jwplayer premium in order to have HLS over flash on the desktop. I've setup Wowza's SecureToken security on an HLS only VOD application so that the token expires after some time. What hap...

  •   buffering and playing issue 2 answers posted Oct 20, 2014 02:54AM EDT

    Hi, Sometimes player enters the BUFFERING state( we get "onBuffer"event), but it still play the video. Then the getPosition() returns value is not change. it seems quickly switch in BUFFERING and PLAYIN...

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