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  •   Seek to live 0 answers posted Nov 24, 2015 06:17AM EST

    I would like to be able to seek the player to live, during a live stream event. Basically when the user unpauses the player, I would like him to resume at 'live' position. This is for mobile, especially the iPh...

  •   How to get better/more buffering 2 answers posted Nov 22, 2015 05:04PM EST

    I'm a bit confused and it may just be that the overall VOD ecosystem is so cluttered up. We're using wowza to stream videos on demand. We've uploaded multiple versions of the same .mp4 files for multi-bit...

  •   hls video with embedded javascript not loading up 1 answers posted Nov 21, 2015 08:27AM EST

    Hi all we are trying to shift to HLS streaming and I was able to set it up with these docs:

  •   Streaming Issues since 7.2 1 answers posted Nov 20, 2015 10:12PM EST

    We seem to have an issue with JW Player 7.2.2 taking a long time - 30 seconds plus to load video and audios. We have a number of offices around the world and have found the following, testing with JW Player...

  •   Example not working on your site 2 answers posted Nov 20, 2015 04:39AM EST

    The example in this page: ins't working.

  •   JW 7.2 bug 0 answers posted Nov 18, 2015 11:17PM EST

    Hi, I'm using cloud player and the new update has a bug for the control function my video is 9min when i try to skip over it start to load slow and have to wait a minute to continue to play the rest of the vide...

  •   Wowza Secure Token v2 (HASH) + JWPlayer 7 0 answers posted Nov 17, 2015 06:29AM EST

    Hi, I'm using PHP and this method to generate the hash that includes de starttime, endtime, token, tokenprefix, etc.

  •   Problems with Jwplayer setup function 0 answers posted Nov 17, 2015 04:19AM EST

    Hi All, Video is not playing I have tried with HTML video tag its working perfect but not play with setup function. Please see my code ===================================== function setup_player( contai...

  •   How to detect if streaming is blocked 0 answers posted Nov 16, 2015 12:07PM EST

    I am using the enterprise version of JWPlayer. Some visitors to my site (but not all) cannot stream videos; the embedded videos simply don't show up on the page for them. I suspect this is because streaming ...

  •   Play rtmp & hls audio and video on mobile(android) phone browsers 0 answers posted Nov 16, 2015 07:07AM EST

    I am working on an application where I have to play rtmp & hls audios and videos(through AMS). I am using free version of jwplayer. I am facing below problems: i) hls is not playing with jwplayer. ii) for rtm...

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