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  •   Bad default size of video object 0 answers posted Jan 26, 2015 11:45AM EST

    Hi, I think the video object should be by default instantiated in 16:9 and not in 4:4 anymore

  •   Streaming external m3u8 in JWPlayer 0 answers posted Jan 25, 2015 12:20PM EST

    I'm trying to stream an external m3u8 file in JWPlayer but when i try to do it in the "Publish" section it returns me an error: "Playlist could not be loaded, no playable sources found". Instead if i use the sa...

  •   adaptive streaming for hds 0 answers posted Jan 24, 2015 09:22AM EST

    Hi there. I'm using Amazon and Adobe Media Server to stream live events. In Amazon's manual, they say to use OSMF player for the .f4v manifest that they provide. OSMF hasn't been updated since 2012 and I wou...

  •   How do you play VoD flv file with a security token in JW Player? 2 answers posted Jan 22, 2015 04:15PM EST

    I have a flash VoD file I want to play on an NGINX RTMP media server Video plays fine in VLC I tried playing it in JW Player with the two alternatives below. None work, what am I doing wrong? jwplay...

  •   MMS file playing 0 answers posted Jan 22, 2015 02:51PM EST

    Hello I would like to know what I need to get this link working mms: // 12203/Live It is a audio link we like to stream live audio from the website we building the site in wordpress. can you...

  •   HLS firefox 0 answers posted Jan 21, 2015 07:01AM EST

    Hi, HLS streaming is working on all major browsers except for firefox. We have done a lot of troubleshooting, but now we realized that it's even not working on the HLS Tester page:

  •   android and ios rtmp or hls streaming html5 0 answers posted Jan 20, 2015 10:31AM EST

    Hi, i try to figure out, how to implement using jwplayer a page with a embed streaming in crossbrowser and crossplatform way using a streaming rtmp or hls (m3u8) on ios and android, at the moment i use wowz...

  •   HLS problem with Jwplayer 6.11 2 answers posted Jan 19, 2015 05:15AM EST

    We used to use jwplayer 6.8 for hls playback, it's working ok without any problem. I want to test jwplayer 6.11 (using JWPlayer wizard), it play about 3 seconds, stop about 0.5s, then contiue. This happens a...

  •   Can't play Dynamic Packaged Contents with Azure Media Services 0 answers posted Jan 19, 2015 04:55AM EST

    I'm trying to play the dynamic packaged content which is delivered by Azure Media Services via "JW Player Ad Tester" on Android version 4.3.3 but the player shows "Error loading player:No playable sources found...

  •   404 (Not Available) 2 answers posted Jan 16, 2015 05:52PM EST

    hola, estoy teniendo problemas para escuchar la radio en vivo, el error que se ve es: GET 404 (Not Available) la url de la radio es:

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