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  •   Can we add external html file link in player list? If added, will it b... 0 answers posted Jul 31, 2014 02:42AM EDT

    I have list of mp4 files, but in between them I have html file also there. I want to add all list in to jwplayer's player list and when html file found jwplayer should open the html file in new window

  •   Interactive Transcripts example in JW Player Labs 0 answers posted Jul 31, 2014 02:37AM EDT

    Hi there, I would like to implement interactive transcript, exactly like, on my website. I read the source code of the file and it is hard coded and n...

  •   Play mp4 file on may website 0 answers posted Jul 31, 2014 12:02AM EDT

    This is problem: You see file can reach but can't play. i used FFMPEG to convert the mkv file to this file. what's the resolution for this problem. please, help me

  •   Captions 1 answers posted Jul 30, 2014 07:48PM EDT

    The caption does not work, I tried: jwplayer("mediaplayer").setup({ file: "../Video/when.mp4", image: "../Content/images/when.png", tracks: [{ file: "/Video/" ...

  •   Videos not starting in chrome 36 0 answers posted Jul 30, 2014 05:11PM EDT

    The videos on our homepage do not start playing in chrome version 36.0.1985.125 (the latest one for windows) Our site rotates between 8 videos playing the first 5 seconds of each before switching. We have t...

  •   Inserting a hyperlinked image in Video 0 answers posted Jul 29, 2014 03:02PM EDT

    Is there a way to insert images with hyperlinks in JW Player ? If so, how is it done? Have you got examples that I can look at? In the following example, if you run the video and forward it all the way to ...

  •   Hiding quality button in the controlbar. 0 answers posted Jul 27, 2014 04:20PM EDT

    Hello, I've been trying to find a way to hide the quality button in the control bar. We want to strive to be a bit more user friendly and showing users too many options is not something we want to have on by...

  •   Playlist Scrollspeed 1 answers posted Jul 27, 2014 08:28AM EDT

    Is there a possibility to change the Mousewheel scrollspeed of the Playlist? I have Playlists with more than 100 Videos and the Mousescroll skips some of the videos. Thanks.

  •   Changing the background color 6 answers posted Jul 25, 2014 04:04PM EDT

    Hi, Today I downloaded JWPlayer 6.9 and started a project with it. So far I did not run in any trouble, but then I wanted to change the background color ( I think I went through all...

  •   The gap between timeSlider elements 2 answers posted Jul 25, 2014 10:55AM EDT

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to skin timeSlider and in some reason I'm having gap in 1px between timeSlider elements (for example timeSliderRail and timeSliderRailCapRight). Does anyone know why it can be? Th...

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