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  •   Subtitles positioning bug after Fullscreen mode 0 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 08:35AM EDT

    We have problem with player when user turn on CC-subtitles using webvtt file. All works good until the user go on fullscreen video, because when user exit the fullscreen state the subtitles on player are show...

  •   JW Player Autoplaying my Audio File 1 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 04:40AM EDT

    I have used JWplayer in one of my application. And when I use to drag the Progress Bar of a PAUSED audio/video. It AUTOMATICALLY PLAYS the file. I don' want it to happen, Is there any solution for that? T...

  •   Skin and Player Versions 3 answers posted Mar 31, 2015 06:35PM EDT

    When designing a custom skin, what version is acceptable if I have JW Player 6.12, 6.11, 6.10, 6.9? The reason why I have multiple versions is because there are some applications that optimally run when using J...

  •   wmode='transparent' for JWplayer wordpress 1 answers posted Mar 31, 2015 09:26AM EDT

    How can I set mode to transparent in the wordpress plugin? If I look at the post source I can see the JWplayer 'setup' with the 'file'and so on. How can I add the wmode there? What do I need to edit? My videos ...

  •   Multi language chapters 0 answers posted Mar 30, 2015 06:28PM EDT

    Hi, In native HTML, I can specify the srclang associated with a chapter vtt file : Are multi language chapters supported in JWPlayer ? Thanks and regards,

  •   HSL automatic quality - highlight the currently choosen quality 0 answers posted Mar 30, 2015 11:33AM EDT

    We are using JW Player on and would like to imprive the ui for our customers a bit. At the moment, if a user choose the automatic setting, so that the player picks the best stream...

  •   helloworld plugin unable to display/overlay on flash in fullscreen 2 answers posted Mar 29, 2015 10:10PM EDT

    Hi, I am development with helloworld plugin sample , i found that unable to display/overlay text on flash mode in fullscreen. it's works on HTML5. Bibby

  •   Change skin when going fullscreen 0 answers posted Mar 29, 2015 09:12AM EDT

    Is there a way to change the skin while the video is playing, eg when going to fullscreen ?

  •   Cannot load M3U8: unsupported byte range 1 answers posted Mar 27, 2015 04:12PM EDT

    I have a test HLS video that I'm trying to play with Flash. Safari's native HLS support works fine, but JWPlayer's Flash gives the error "Cannot load M3U8: unsupported byte range". The playlist is https://dj91j...

  •   logo responsive 1 answers posted Mar 27, 2015 02:24AM EDT

    Hello, we've set a logo block like this: logo: {file:'images/CdBLogos/Badge80.png'}. It works fine, on desktop. But on mobile, logo is too big. Is there a way to hide it on mobile & tablet through visible-d...

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