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  •   Interactive Transcript 1 answers posted Jan 28, 2015 09:07PM EST

    I've seen this interactive transcript demo on your website: Is there some plugin code? or JS I could pick from somewhere and integrate this with my si...

  •   How do I mute a playlist 0 answers posted Jan 28, 2015 06:21PM EST

    I have two playlists created with a custom player. I need to mute the video. Is there a way to do this. My embed code is

  •   center logo position 0 answers posted Jan 28, 2015 02:31PM EST

    we have a request from one of our customers that requires their logo to be placed over the center of the video (even in fullscreen mode). I cannot find a way to do this with the customization API. currently ...

  •   HLS Labels 0 answers posted Jan 28, 2015 07:42AM EST

    Hi I am trying to set the HLS Labels in the options. However, every bitrate or parameter I try doesn't match. I'm wondering if it's the manifest file. Can you have a look and see if this will work? #EXTM3...

  •   Latest JW player unable to hide control bar. 0 answers posted Jan 28, 2015 06:13AM EST

    I have already tried following configrations for JW player : stretching: 'exactfit', wmode: 'transparent', allowfullscreen: 'true', image: 'S...

  •   probleme with caption 2 answers posted Jan 26, 2015 10:45PM EST

    i was testing the caption in the last hours but it doesn't show i still us the jw player from my computer itest the vtt and srt but both not working they just show the cc button on the player but whene i clic...

  •   Error load media, File not found 0 answers posted Jan 26, 2015 10:02PM EST

    We use jwplayer on our web page sometimes Jwplayer show error: Error load media, File not found How can I troubleshoot and resolve this problem? thanks

  •   moving play button down to the bottom 0 answers posted Jan 26, 2015 05:11PM EST

    hello! how could i move the play button down to the bottom? jwplayer('playerfksBoAYSmxTb').setup({ file: '', image: 'http...

  •   is jwplayer supporting arabic caption 0 answers posted Jan 25, 2015 04:52PM EST

    hi i just want to know if jw player supporting arabic caption if yes plz telme how cuz when i test it. it doesent work

  •   Buffering don't work 0 answers posted Jan 23, 2015 03:52PM EST

    We have problem with buffering mp4 videos downloading from http. At a certain combination of download speeds due to lack of buffer player starts very quickly start and stop. It seems like bufferlength: "3" para...

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