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  •   Hide control bar, but keep pause/stop upon click 1 answers posted Aug 19, 2014 01:04PM EDT

    Hello JWPlayer support, I would like to hide control bar and keep pause/stop upon click behaviour. I tried `controls: false`, but it removes pause/stop upon click feature as well. I understand if you don...

  •   VTT Thumbanils 5 answers posted Aug 18, 2014 06:04PM EDT

    Good afternoon. I have a test player up at I am trying to get the thumbnail VTT track working but when debugging I don't see the player ever making the c...

  •   related video plugin UI 1 answers posted Aug 18, 2014 06:34AM EDT

    In case titles of related videos are a bit longer, they wrap and cover the thumbnails of related videos almost fully. It looks ugly. See a screenshot: Is there a way to m...

  •   Closed Caption in Wordpress self-hosted videos 0 answers posted Aug 15, 2014 04:47AM EDT

    "" Where I have to upload those subtitle files (WebVTT, SRT, TTML) in my host? I can't find /assets folder. Please don't...

  •   Chapters loaded through RSS feed 1 answers posted Aug 14, 2014 10:06AM EDT

    The section on adding .vtt files containing chapter markers says that “Chapters can also be loaded as part of RSS feeds. See the RSS Feeds Reference for more info.” (

  •   Disable right-click menu 0 answers posted Aug 13, 2014 04:30AM EDT

    Is there a way to disable rigth-click menu? I've tried setting abouttext and aboutlink to null, false, '' (empty string), but it fallbacks to default value.

  •   Stop jwplayer from adding 'background-color' 0 answers posted Aug 13, 2014 12:59AM EDT

    I have simple script to setup player: jwplayer('mediaplayer').setup({ file: '...', image: '...', width: 356, height: 320 }); Player work fine, movie is played. But...

  •   Adding sharing overlay to script 0 answers posted Aug 12, 2014 05:53PM EDT

    Where would i put the Sharing Overlay code in the script found below? jwplayer("myElement").setup({ autostart: true, playlist:[{ image: "/wp-assets/uploads/090BD4RWEWRUC78HJ788.PNG", sources: [{ ...

  •   HD Quality Toggling labels causing player to not load 2 answers posted Aug 12, 2014 10:18AM EDT

    Here is the JWPlayer script that i am using including the label tags that will not load for me. jwplayer("myElement").setup({ image: "/uploads/myPoster.jpg", sources: [{ fi...

  •   Firefox uses Flash not html5 0 answers posted Aug 12, 2014 04:23AM EDT

    Hello I specifically set the primary option as html5 but Firefox sitll renders Flash. Is it normal behaviour? Regards Jun

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