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  •   JWPlayer iOS captions 2 answers posted Oct 13, 2015 04:20PM EDT

    Hello, is there any way how to make captions on iOS devices working? Thanks for reply.

  •   JWP7 YouTube issue 0 answers posted Oct 13, 2015 12:47PM EDT

    On mobile devices, YouTube videos don't play when I'm trying to start playback with playerInstance.play() Toggle playback

  •   How to play octoshape stream using jw player ? 0 answers posted Oct 12, 2015 09:18PM EDT

    i want to use jw player to play octoshape stream. Could any one tell me if this is possible ? how to setup the jw player to play such stream ? (Example :streams.octoshape.net/demo/live/pga/abr)

  •   Does embeding from external host will affect the bandwidth from jwplay... 1 answers posted Oct 12, 2015 09:55AM EDT

    I have my own video hosting server and i want to use this player. I have a free account. My question is, if i add a video from url, will it affect the bandwidth here and then stop working if the bandwidth finis...

  •   JWPlayer 5.7 works perfectly with RED5 but Failed with JWPlayer 6 0 answers posted Oct 11, 2015 04:46PM EDT

    Hello everybody, JWPlayer 5.7 works perfectly with RED5, but what I have to change in this setup to run with JWP 6? This text will be replaced jwplayer('mediaspace').setup({ 'auto...

  •   Success on internal server -- fails on external servers. 3 answers posted Oct 10, 2015 04:01PM EDT

    I'm trying to implement jwplayer and having some problems. I have it working on an internal server but when I FTP it out to production servers, it fails. The poster image is locate with no problem but the m...

  •   Refund 0 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 01:17PM EDT

    Hello, I need to cancel my account. I am not sure how i am to reach the support time. I sent an email and called. the JW player will not suit my needs. Need refund of $299. Thank you,

  •   Using JW Player Vs. Browser Native player 1 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 12:04PM EDT

    Hi, we are using an OVP and we can choose the player it serves in the console. (FlowPlayer, JW or custom). -- The first problem is that they serve an older JW player (5.2). -- The second problem, is that t...

  •   Can you stream over from Rackspace (Akamai) using the HTML5 player? 0 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 07:14AM EDT

    Hi, We're using Rackspace CDN (Akamai) to stream our videos files. I've set the player up as per the instructions at http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/streaming-cloud-files-with-jw-player , w...

  •   default JWPayer internal style sheet cause conflict with other style s... 1 answers posted Oct 09, 2015 05:40AM EDT

    Version 7 has came out with an internal style sheet that may cause conflict with other style sheets. In particular way if you have this or similar rule in your style sheet: ul li { background-image: url("...

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