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  •   Emded player always flash 1 answers posted May 28, 2015 12:45PM EDT

    Hi, I have a player which work perfectly, when I clone it, the new one is always flash ! Is there a reason this happens ? Is there a parameter to fix this ? Thanks.

  •   Thumbnail on latest posts page in Wordpress 0 answers posted May 28, 2015 04:59AM EDT

    Hi, i need to show thumbnails (not playable) of the posts with videos on my homepage, and when the user click on the thumbnail it should link to the post, not start to play. I tried to display the_content in t...

  •   Jwplayer not loading in Internet Explorer version 8, 9 below version 1 answers posted May 26, 2015 04:04AM EDT

    Hi I have integrated jwplayer in my website, its working fine in all browsers except in IE 9 and below version. In IE 10 and above its working fine. But in IE 8 and 9 player and below version not able to lo...

  •   I need to force HTML5 first, before flash if the browser supports it..... 1 answers posted May 26, 2015 12:44AM EDT

    I need to force HTML5 first, before flash if the browser supports it...how?

  •   a player for all ? 7 answers posted May 25, 2015 06:29PM EDT

    Hello, Is there a player embed that will play .mp4 or .m3u8 both online and also on mobile phones? So far the player on our website , which is the standard one generated by your web doesnt work on any phone...

  •   Clarification on playing Youtube embedded in JWPLayer in IE9+ 0 answers posted May 25, 2015 04:51AM EDT

    Hello, After reading questions and pages on the site, I still do not get what it is possible to do for Youtube embedded videos. I work on a site where we use JWPlayer to run mp4 videos and Youtube ones as...

  •   Setting up jwplayer on class name 1 answers posted May 25, 2015 02:34AM EDT

    Hi I have seen examples of setting up jwplayer on basis of id, can it be done on the basis of a class name ? Something like below jwplayer('classname').setup(config); Please let me know as early as po...

  •   RTMP stream with Wordpress plugin 4 answers posted May 24, 2015 10:56AM EDT

    I'm trying to display a video with the wordpress plugin (pro licence). I've setup someting like: [jwplayer file="rtmp/url/to/mp4/file" ] The url is valid (works in vlc and others). First the player...

  •   Embed Code to Play Video Full Screen in Browser- 2 answers posted May 22, 2015 12:56PM EDT

    I attempting to generate a html code that would trigger a browser to play one of my mp4's 'fullscreen' in a browser.... in other words, It would be identical as putting the direct path of the video in the addre...

  •   domain blocking 2 answers posted May 21, 2015 11:01PM EDT

    hello, domain blocking is not working for me, i waited as suggested but still the same. I am using self hosted js code.

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