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  •   "Service Unavailable" and "Setup Timeout Error" 0 answers posted Sep 02, 2015 06:19PM EDT

    Hi there, basically I don't get your player to play my video. I paste the direct URL to the video file into the form field of the dashboard and I get a "Setup Timeout Error" on the following page. Trying t...

  •   variable url embeds 3 answers posted Sep 02, 2015 09:45AM EDT

    Not that good at php myself ( understatement) I would like to insert a variable inside a html page for example, I would code something like this into the page manually for every page in the html // var ...

  •   m3u8 / HLS 3 answers posted Sep 01, 2015 06:24PM EDT

    HLS / m3u8 seems to be breaking 7.0.3. This configuration was working prior to 7.0.3 http://www.cox7.com/video/health-services/?m3u8=1 But I now need to remove the m3u8 playlist for the video to load ...

  •   Load bar not adjust right as the original jwplayer 7 on the homepage 9 answers posted Sep 01, 2015 01:11AM EDT

    Hi, I just recently update my jw6 to jw7 and modify it a little bit that hasn't change as jw6 setup the only issue is i using the cloud player (http://content.jwplatform.com/libraries/qvnn8y67.js) the load bar ...

  •   Cloud JWPlayer 7 0 answers posted Aug 31, 2015 11:04AM EDT

    I'm looking for Cloud JWPlayer 7. The one i'm using is still cloud jwplayer 6

  •   Jw player and Drupal 7 0 answers posted Aug 31, 2015 05:07AM EDT

    I use jw player in Drupal 7 site. I use free version this program. I use 7.x-1.0-alpha1 version of drupal module for this player and i use jwplayer-7.0.1. version. But in views drupal module i cant see vide...

  •   JWPlayer with Meteor 0 answers posted Aug 30, 2015 09:57PM EDT

    I'm new to meteor and JWPlayer and I want to know how these two can work together. Any help would be appreciated.

  •   JWPlayer 7 FireFox bug 0 answers posted Aug 29, 2015 03:52PM EDT

    Hello, I am experiencing a very strange behaviour with my player, I started using the free JWPlayer self-hosted version on my website and it works fine on google chrome, some androids and iphone, but the maj...

  •   jw with SpeakerText / Attribute tag 0 answers posted Aug 29, 2015 01:33PM EDT

    I'm trying to use jw with SpeakerText annotation. SpeakerText documentation suggests, "Add the attribute data-stid='$$$' to both the object tag and embed tag of your JW player embed code, " When I add this a...

  •   Why flash plays the mp4 video on whole jwplayer window but html5 does ... 1 answers posted Aug 29, 2015 02:12AM EDT

    Why flash plays the mp4 video on whole jwplayer v6. window but html5 does not!??? How can I fix that. Check the below. https://www.meritmeter.com/reviews/view/3/test-test

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