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  •   live stream with opening video playlist 2 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 05:18PM EDT

    Hello, I have this code for a live stream but that it opens first a promo video then reads the stream, but its not working. http://miamitvshows.com/tvradiomiamiplayer2

  •   Problem playing in Chrome 41 with Flash 17 1 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 02:04PM EDT

    Hello: I am getting conflicting reports about how my embedded player is working for different users. Currently I am trying to troubleshoot Chrome 41 with Flash 17. When I run JW's Publish Wizard, my feed p...

  •   Can i load JWplayer without javascript? 0 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 10:05AM EDT

    I need place my video in jwplayer on third party sites. Can i use some GET parameters like youtube this do?

  •   Wordpress Vk embedding 2 answers posted Mar 31, 2015 05:07PM EDT

    Hi i want to publish a video on my wordpress website by using vk embed code but i cant do this. Is there anyone who can help me to share a vk video on my web page by jw player? Sorry about my english.

  •   Error Loading Skin all of a sudden. Site has been running for months 0 answers posted Mar 31, 2015 04:20PM EDT

    I'm not sure why I'm getting an error loading skin error all of a sudden. http://www.learningseed.com/catalog/problem-solving-process-the?id=&player=html Error loading skin: Skin not a valid file type ...

  •   Video stops automatically in iPad 1 answers posted Mar 31, 2015 08:07AM EDT

    I have an iPad which is version 7. When play a video in ipad using jwplayer it pauses automatically. I checked that in safari and chrome. Don't know issues on jwplayer or my side. Can anyone help please ? this ...

  •   Sharing Overlay: Change "Video Link" caption 0 answers posted Mar 30, 2015 01:09PM EDT

    Hi, I'm sharing audio clips via the social sharing overlay, and it would be great to be able to change the "Video link" caption for the URL field. Is there any way of doing that? I already know how to cha...

  •   JW player not visible/working on IE11. 1 answers posted Mar 26, 2015 02:56PM EDT

    JW player is not visible on IE 11. Please visit this page: http://www.wowza.com/forums/content.php?484-How-to-use-JW-Player-with-Wowza-Streaming-Engine on IE 11 and on some other browser you will see the isse...

  •   mp4 videos in chome 4 answers posted Mar 26, 2015 11:21AM EDT

    We are having issues with playback of mp4 video files in chrome. I am on the latest install of chrome and our version of JWPlayer is 6.8.4616. Here is the unique problem. Often times, the video plays jus...

  •   [WordPress plugin] Bad external media url 1 answers posted Mar 24, 2015 03:52PM EDT

    Hi, I've got JWPlayer for Wordpress 6.12 ; I try to add an external video in a post to be published on http://my-site.com/my-post Media URL : https://video-server.com/video.mp4 Validate, insert with JWPlay...

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