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  •   jwplayer 7 doesn't support iPhone 4 1 answers posted Jul 31, 2015 10:32AM EDT

    Hey, is there a way to activate iPhone 4 support? We updated to jwplayer 7 and are not able to view videos on iPhone 4. On iPhone 4 it is displaying only a black screen without a play button. Thanks

  •   4 days without any response from JW Player... 3 answers posted Jul 31, 2015 10:15AM EDT

    With the exception of one post in this forum (George), and a few posts in the streaming forum (Todd), there has been complete silence from the JW Team for 4 days - even though Todd claims: "we work really ha...

  •   Windows 10 jwplayer 7 Issues 6 answers posted Jul 30, 2015 08:17PM EDT

    Help me figure out why video rendering is not working correctly it gets blotchy and why both videos don't play on chrome but play on edge browser None of these issues exist on 6.12 using chrome w/ Flash pla...

  •   Youtube Videos don't work on mobile 7 answers posted Jul 30, 2015 08:41AM EDT

    I tried to embed a Youtube Video and it works well on Desktops. But on Mobile Devices the Video won't start to play. I have to touch the Play Button twice - and then get this Screen - http://i.imgur.com/tgE...

  •   Progress Bar not centered 3 answers posted Jul 30, 2015 05:29AM EDT

    The progress bar of the player appears to not be centered vertically. You can take a look here: http://moo.bg/jwplayer7/

  •   auto start video 0 answers posted Jul 29, 2015 10:05PM EDT

    I do live streaming and we stream from different locations. When we start at another location the play button comes but I want it to start the video just like when the page is opened up. How can that be done......

  •   New player, get error: invalid license key 5 answers posted Jul 29, 2015 08:46PM EDT

    I searched through the questions other people posted about this, but wasn't able to find a solution for me. I just created a new player in my account, but when I embedded it into the website, it says "Error ...

  •   JWPlayer 6.12 and 7.0.0 - Googlebot cannot render videos anymore!! 0 answers posted Jul 29, 2015 04:24PM EDT

    Hi, unfortunately the jwplayer 7 videos cannot be rendered by the googlebot anymore which I think is a huge problem. Our company did a lots of internal research on this issue and finally discovered that thi...

  •   JW Player 7 Plugin for WordPress? 1 answers posted Jul 29, 2015 11:44AM EDT

    Hi all, Wondering when there will be a JW Player 7 Plugin for WordPress? Thus far, can only find a JW6 version. If not, can I still embed JW7 videos into Wordpress? Thanks! Sara

  •   autoreconnect player for livestreaming 0 answers posted Jul 28, 2015 06:27PM EDT

    hello i'm using a embed flash player for livestreaming. but user must click on play every time the streaming get disconnected. how I enable autoreconnect on my flash embed player? so users can reconnect auto...

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