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  •   Youtube Embed Not working with flash 1 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 05:49PM EDT

    Just today the Flash player for Youtube stopped loading videos. You can see your embed is broken too: http://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/1406725-youtube-video-embed When you click play ...

  •   Iphone issue on wordpress 5 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 02:24PM EDT

    Hello I have the latest version of wordpress 3.9 and the latest version of Jwplayer for wordpress. I host my files on my own server but anyone with an ipad of and iphone cant se the videos they just get that...

  •   IE9 with cloud hosted script video playing in Native Resolution 1 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 01:00PM EDT

    Hello, I have recently run into an bug in JW Player when running in the Win7-IE9 environment. Below is a link to a similar thread posted a while back with JW Player 6.8 mentioning the exact same problem I a...

  •   IE8 support 3 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 08:51AM EDT

    How do I make the player work for those who are still using IE8? The script causes the entire pages not to load in those browsers. Thank you.

  •   How to create .m3u8 file for jwplayer ? 1 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 07:44AM EDT

    Hello Sir, Will you please suggest me the flow of creating .m3u8 file?

  •   Making his work before I purchase 6 answers posted Sep 18, 2014 02:13AM EDT

    Hi, I'm not sure If my first email went through but I'm resending it again to make sure. I'm looking to upgrade my accoung but I need to know how I could implement this video on my end: http://www.longtai...

  •   Restarting a video after reaching the end 0 answers posted Sep 17, 2014 04:54PM EDT

    Hi! On a web site we are running the previous versions of JW Player. Then a video reach the end, the "play" button appears. If we press the button, the video do not restart. I have tried it on Firefox, ...

  •   Autostart on IE seems not to work? 3 answers posted Sep 17, 2014 04:45PM EDT

    Autostart on IE 9 not working for my setup: http://www.elocallink.tv/m/tools/test3.php If I click play in the control bar, it will begin to play. Greg

  •   extension stream on listen 0 answers posted Sep 17, 2014 11:39AM EDT

    I looking for listen on Android And iOs. jwplayer("mediaplayer").setup({ sources: [ (isAndroid)?{ file:'http://[URL]/live/viberadio.stream/manifest.f4m'}:{file:'rtmp://[URL]/live/viberadio.stream'}, ...

  •   Looking for fastest way to develop a playlist 1 answers posted Sep 17, 2014 11:10AM EDT

    I have a wordpress site and wondering if I am missing something. It takes forever to add lots of videos to one player. What is the fastest way to load say 10-12 videos at a time in a playlist? Thanks in adva...

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