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  •   Non-linear overlay ads 1 answers posted Jul 30, 2015 11:18PM EDT

    i cant get them working, please tell me what is wrong am i doing- My Xml File... My Embed Code... Loading the player... var playe...

  •   iOS not showing Skip button in fullscreen 0 answers posted Jul 30, 2015 04:36PM EDT

    I have a video with a preroll that is not showing the skip ad when in fullscreen. It only happens on iPhones. Take a look here:

  •   Does Jwplayer play HTML5 Ads? 0 answers posted Jul 26, 2015 07:35PM EDT

    I know jwplayer can play flash ads, does it play html5 ads too?

  •   Video Ads does not play in STEAM Browser 0 answers posted Jul 26, 2015 12:53PM EDT

    Please help me!! my page loads up fine and plays the ads fine on chrome, firefox and IE but in steam browser it doesnt load up an ad at all. Steam Browser is a webkit base browser for ingame my url: http://...

  •   Black bars around Google IMA pre-roll ads 1 answers posted Jul 23, 2015 04:48PM EDT

    We are in the process of transitioning from a videojs/flash player to JW Player. Part of that requires Google IMA pre-roll ads work in JW Player. Thus far, we're seeing an alignment issue where the pre-roll ads...

  •   HTML5 IMA pubAds 0 answers posted Jul 23, 2015 05:44AM EDT

    When playing JWplayer as html5 (not flash) with pubads/adRules, is there a way of playing the ad videos using the on page JWplayer video tag and interface or will they always play on a separate Iframe on top o...

  •   Video not playing after the ads 1 answers posted Jul 21, 2015 09:04AM EDT

    Hi I select the video and ad starts to play but the video is not playing after waiting some time. Tried it again but same no response.

  •   Add post roll - Using Jw Player Plugin 5 answers posted Jul 21, 2015 07:28AM EDT

    Hi, We are using your Wordpress plugin, with video ads' license. I know how to add pre roll, there is ad tag field in plugin's settings, But how can I add post roll?

  •   Google Video Ads 0 answers posted Jul 16, 2015 03:20PM EDT

    i have request for google video ads 2 time but the reject my application with the following reason i have working web site but still ads does not approve can any one guide my how i can get approved...

  •   Preroll with overlay ad 1 answers posted Jul 14, 2015 09:36AM EDT

    Is it possible to do a preroll with overlay? I've been trying to set this up but not having success.

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