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  •   AdSense partner 0 answers posted Nov 27, 2014 10:45AM EST

    I would like to find out if I can increase my revenues with your company as opposed to AdSense, viz a viz, YouTube. Thank you. Lawrence +1 202 569 8630

  •   Stop/pause player including ads 0 answers posted Nov 27, 2014 09:30AM EST

    Hi, I have the following use case: I have many players on the same page, with only one playing at a time. Whenever I try to pause / stop the current one when an ad is being played then the pause / stop metho...

  •   what is vast video ads? where to start ? 0 answers posted Nov 27, 2014 05:29AM EST

    we have a website. we planning to host video ads. vast video ads. I don't know where to start? JW player how will help to run the ad videos? to run video ads on the site, where to start? what are the things ...

  •   VAST - Pre Roll - Inline Facebook 0 answers posted Nov 27, 2014 05:22AM EST

    Hi is possible with JW, have a inline FB video playing with VAST - pre roll ads in it? Can you show us a live working example of that?

  •   VAST Ad Not Loading 2 answers posted Nov 25, 2014 11:53AM EST

    I've been attempting to troubleshoot this for a while. The player keeps spinning and the video ad never loads. Issue in Safari and IE. I have contacted OpenX support and they say there is some conflict with t...

  •   googima preroll countdown display problems 1 answers posted Nov 25, 2014 10:45AM EST

    Hi Guys, We are running the latest version of JWPlayer Ads edition (6.11 but the issue is also seen in 6.1) and have encountered a problem: when a googima preroll is downloaded, the black "countdown/skip ad"...

  •   Ad not playing with JW HTML 5 player 0 answers posted Nov 25, 2014 08:24AM EST

    Can you please check why below tag is not able to play ad in HTML 5 player with GoogleIMA client? It works fine with flash player.

  •   IE 10 Ad not showing^^ 2 answers posted Nov 24, 2014 03:24AM EST

    Hi! This Ad Tag

  •   Problem with pre roll ads 3 answers posted Nov 20, 2014 11:27AM EST

    Hello, I would like to test pre roll ads with vast format but it actually doesn't work, the video starts correctly but without the ads. Below is a code sample : jwplayer("myElement").setup({ im...

  •   HTML5 Google IMA showing only preroll w/o content video for Samsung Ch... 2 answers posted Nov 18, 2014 09:03AM EST

    Running the example Google IMA implementation with a Samsung device does not work: The preroll is shown but the video afterwa...

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