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  •   My ad source saying this tag is vast and vpaid compliant but I cant ge... 0 answers posted Apr 23, 2015 05:07PM EDT;cors=yes;width=__WIDTH__;height=__HEIGHT__;referring_url=__WEB_URL__;content_url=__CONTENT_URL__;media_id=__MEDIA_ID__;title=__TITLE__;device=__DE...

  •   time based scheduled ads 1 answers posted Apr 22, 2015 11:55PM EDT

    We are running a 24x7 live stream and are currently looking for a way to set up so (for example) between the hours of 6pm and 6am we want one from a selection of ads to play very X amounts of minutes. Is this p...

  •   autostart youtube with advertising don't work 0 answers posted Apr 22, 2015 06:43AM EDT

    url test : advertising autoplay but youtube don't play.

  •   Audio Ad 0 answers posted Apr 21, 2015 05:58AM EDT

    Is it possible to play audio ad (pre-roll) in JW player? I want to use it as audio player only.

  •   Icon in Inline ad 0 answers posted Apr 20, 2015 02:46AM EDT

    I have pro account, and this is my example vast xml:

  •   Vast Survey Tag 1 answers posted Apr 13, 2015 06:43AM EDT

    Hi, we use the "Survey" Tag in our Vast Files. The Survey Tag contains naturally an URI which is executed on Ad-Display. Example: But, it seems the jwplayer does not execute or call these URI...

  •   Static VAST - Show disclaimer instead of Ads 0 answers posted Apr 10, 2015 06:40AM EDT

    Hello, is it possible to show a disclaimer video instead of an ads video using "static VAST"? The disclaimer video should be not skippable and the real video should start only after click to an "Accept" button...

  •   VAST - Overlay banners 0 answers posted Apr 03, 2015 06:48PM EDT

    Hello, I am using revive ad system for displaying banners and video ads in JW player. The preroll works fine but the Overlay banner doesent work. Here is the VAST-url:

  •   Issue with loading spotxchange tag from JW player 1 answers posted Apr 03, 2015 01:57PM EDT

    I have spotxchange tag which i am trying to load into the JW player. Following is standard spotxchange tag structure:

  •   How to set a skippable preroll video ads? 2 answers posted Apr 01, 2015 05:29AM EDT

    We are using Google's DFP. When we configure Ad Skipping of our preroll video ads, we had a problem. If we set client as 'vast', the preroll video ads can be skipped, but the ads didn't show up often, the fi...

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