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  •   How can I get the cost of each video 0 answers posted Jul 21, 2014 07:46AM EDT

    I want to know how much a video cost. I need a list like : for - Video name | time viewed | GB streamed | GB storage | tags May be I need to use the API to gather the data for every video. Any ...

  •   Speed-Control using JavaScript 1 answers posted Jul 21, 2014 02:39AM EDT

    Hello, it is possible to control the vido speed using JavaScript? If so, how can I do that? Are there any sample code? Thank you and best regards Mark

  •   For premium 0 answers posted Jul 20, 2014 03:33AM EDT

    I've already paied a premium. But i can't use this three application. What can I do for use this application? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzoGexkHxL_lZ1VMdDFaano2TWc/edit?usp=sharing

  •   How can I get premium version trial (72 hours) 0 answers posted Jul 15, 2014 08:34PM EDT

    Hello, after testing , I have to decide the purchase so I want to use trial version of premium. but I didn't found trial version. where is the premium version in your site? please tell me, Than...

  •   License number 0 answers posted Jul 14, 2014 11:19AM EDT

    Last week I upgraded my account to premium. However when I log in each time is says that I am still a free user. I have the email confirmation, but when I look at my billing in the dashboard it still says free ...

  •   modal window issue 6 answers posted Jul 14, 2014 05:41AM EDT

    Hi We have been using jwplatform in wordpress using the shortcode embeding method, eg. [bitsontherun 6Oo4bZvz]. The video is in a modal window We had an issue where the player would continue playing when...

  •   access 1 answers posted Jul 10, 2014 06:02PM EDT

    how can i access to JW Platform? i not found the link

  •   Video Hidden in Fullscreen IE11 4 answers posted Jul 09, 2014 04:26PM EDT

    Hello, This is a pretty obscure problem and unfortunately I can't provide an example to test with, but here is my problem: I have a JWPlayer that is embedded in an iframe. I have a custom progress bar an...

  •   Log in page 0 answers posted Jul 09, 2014 02:21PM EDT

    How does one get to the JW Platform log in page? It seems to be unavailable all of a sudden. Thank you, Mark

  •   How do i make JW Player function like a TV Station? 3 answers posted Jul 09, 2014 08:45AM EDT

    Hi, i want to utilise the player the same way as it is done here http://www.thewordnetwork.org/watch-twn Where, a video plays at a particular time. I understand how to make and embed a playlist. But inste...

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