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  •   JWplayer Cloud (Error loading playlist: Error loading file) 0 answers posted Jul 23, 2014 03:47PM EDT

    I was having a very hard time with excess buffering on slow DSL connected machines. I moved servers and continued to encounter excess buffering. OK… let’s try JWplayer.com’s “Publish Your Videos” cloud player v...

  •   Video doesn't play with Etag 0 answers posted Jul 23, 2014 09:28AM EDT

    Hi guys, I have one question. I have a few CDN servers and separate links to video. With one CDN video is good and plays but when turn on second CDN video with new links doesn't play in JWplayer but if i open...

  •   Jwplayer 6.9 HTML5 0 answers posted Jul 23, 2014 05:02AM EDT

    Hello Ethan, I'm using jwplayer v6.9 and i would like to know whether my stream is playing in html5/flash. Can you pl explain to check this?

  •   How can I get the cost of each video 0 answers posted Jul 21, 2014 07:46AM EDT

    I want to know how much a video cost. I need a list like : for - Video name | time viewed | GB streamed | GB storage | tags May be I need to use the API to gather the data for every video. Any ...

  •   Speed-Control using JavaScript 1 answers posted Jul 21, 2014 02:39AM EDT

    Hello, it is possible to control the vido speed using JavaScript? If so, how can I do that? Are there any sample code? Thank you and best regards Mark

  •   For premium 0 answers posted Jul 20, 2014 03:33AM EDT

    I've already paied a premium. But i can't use this three application. What can I do for use this application? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzoGexkHxL_lZ1VMdDFaano2TWc/edit?usp=sharing

  •   How can I get premium version trial (72 hours) 0 answers posted Jul 15, 2014 08:34PM EDT

    Hello, after testing , I have to decide the purchase so I want to use trial version of premium. but I didn't found trial version. where is the premium version in your site? please tell me, Than...

  •   License number 0 answers posted Jul 14, 2014 11:19AM EDT

    Last week I upgraded my account to premium. However when I log in each time is says that I am still a free user. I have the email confirmation, but when I look at my billing in the dashboard it still says free ...

  •   modal window issue 6 answers posted Jul 14, 2014 05:41AM EDT

    Hi We have been using jwplatform in wordpress using the shortcode embeding method, eg. [bitsontherun 6Oo4bZvz]. The video is in a modal window We had an issue where the player would continue playing when...

  •   access 1 answers posted Jul 10, 2014 06:02PM EDT

    how can i access to JW Platform? i not found the link

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