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  •   Cannot load M3U8 crossdomain access denied (video served through S3_+ ... 0 answers posted Nov 25, 2015 02:39AM EST

    Following is the code which uses reference to a manifest (m3u8) file to play the video jwplayer("myElement").setup({ file: "http://da14wmki20x6p.cloudfront.net/hls/5fdba690a57a097f0e332fa6c92579cbc3...

  •   Hide right click on video options in IE 1 answers posted Nov 25, 2015 12:46AM EST

    In Chrome: If I right click on video then I can seen only one option "About jwplayer 6.12.." But In Internet Explorer: There are total 4 options are showing: - About jwplayer 6.12.. - Settings - G...

  •   Fixed quality on VoD - Can't select another quality 3 answers posted Nov 24, 2015 10:56AM EST

    Hi, I have JWP configured on VOD but the quality keeps always in 600kbps, either when selecting another. Is this a bug? Is there anything misconfigured? I found on the browser's console that the chunk of ...

  •   M3U8 404 not found 0 answers posted Nov 22, 2015 09:25AM EST

    i cannot play on link http://www.zeetv.com/shows/tumhi-ho-bandhu-sakha-tumhi/video/tumhi-ho-bandhu-sakha-tumhi-episode-64-august-5-2015-full-episode.html in chrome n also in IE. what is solution.

  •   Jwplayer 7.2.2 Autostart problem in firefox 2 answers posted Nov 21, 2015 05:39AM EST

    Videos won't play if set to autostart in Firefox (version 42) with the new JWP version 7.2.2. Other browsers work fine. Can you please check this issue?

  •   Where is JWPlayer version 7.2.2? 0 answers posted Nov 21, 2015 04:57AM EST

    On my account I see only version 7.1.5. Where is the self-hosted version 7.2?

  •   Delete Accounts 0 answers posted Nov 20, 2015 08:15AM EST

    Hi, I want to delete my accounts. Please Can you do this? Thank you ;)

  •   error loading media:file could not be played in MI moblile;Chrome brow... 4 answers posted Nov 20, 2015 04:56AM EST

    Videos are not playing in MI mobile. Model : MI4; ANdroid : 5.0.2; Browser : Chrome, Firefox; There are playing in all other mobiles, and desktops. URLs: Video-1 :http://emea.kapamilya.com/community/news...

  •   HD Toggle Button MP4 Format? 2 answers posted Nov 19, 2015 03:14PM EST

    Hi Jwplayer team good day, is very very strange, is happen with the videos when i toggle the HD button cant reproduce the video stucks in there, this is strange because everything was working excellent until ...

  •   Video List on Dashboard Not Wide Enough 1 answers posted Nov 19, 2015 03:14PM EST

    Our video list on our dashboard (For everybody I assume: http://dashboard.jwplatform.com/videos/) is not wide enough to display enough of the video's "title" to be useful to us. I see maybe 22 characters, but ...

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