DVR Live Streaming


DVR functionality allows viewers to pause, play, and rewind live events. If viewers begin watching an event past the initial broadcast time, and do not want to miss any important content, this allows them to start at an earlier position. The JW Player detects if an HLS playlist is a DVR stream and adjusts the visual elements on the control bar to make it clear that the live stream can be paused or rewound to a point in the past. 

Setting up DVR

  1. Setup your encoding solution to enable DVR recording.
  2. Choose a length of time you want to be recorded in the stream and configure that on the server.
  3. Setup your live stream according to your CDN or encoding solution.
  4. Use the live stream url provided by your CDN in the JW Player embed.

A few points to consider:

  1. Buffer length is not configured with JW Player. This is configured on the streaming server.
  2. Large manifests may negatively impact performance. Try using a larger segment size or smaller buffer period.
  3. A minimum window of 2 minutes is required for the player to recognize a stream as being DVR.
    • minDvrWindow can be configured to decrease the required window in JW Player 7.7+

External Resources

Wowza Media Systems currently supports DVR functionality. Use the following guide to assist in setting up your Wowza server.

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