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What media formats work with the JW Player mobile SDKs?

The JW Player SDKs support all media formats supported by the JW Player web player, except FLV. Click here for detailed information on media format compatibility.


How do I get the iOS or Android SDK? How do I use the SDKs?

The JW Player iOS and Android SDKs are included in your license. Log in to your dashboard and download them from the Tools page to get started. 


Do you provide support for your SDK products?

We have the very best support engineers that would be happy to assist you. If you are entitled for the SDKs, you can access our SDK support team directly by emailing


How can I customize the look of my SDK player?

JW Player's SDK player works in the same way as the web player. Be sure to read our Support articles that go more in-depth about JW Player's CSS-based skinning model, and additional customizations like the logo and right-click menu. In addition, head to our developer portal for more detailed, technical guides for customization for both Android and iOS SDK players.


How can I customize the app in terms of the app architecture?

Our SDK can compliment any design pattern or app architecture. You can customize virtually all aspects of the player by using methods associated with our JWClasses. You can review the iOS classes and our Android classes. We would also love to hear any feature requests you might have.


Where can I find the developer guides for the iOS or Android SDKs?

Our development guides for the iOS and Android SDKs can be found in our Developer portal.


Do you have demo apps for the Android and iOS SDKs that I can download?

Yes, we have open source demo applications for both our iOS and Android SDKs. They provide excellent coding examples.


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