Using JW Player Analytics

Intro to Analytics

Your JW Player Dashboard comes complete with an analytics section, where you can monitor your content performance and look at activity by device, geography, engagement, and more.

If you use the embed code generated from the dashboard, your information will appear automatically. If you are using a more custom embedding method, be sure to follow our embedding instructions to make sure that your analytics information is accurate.

Check out the video at right to get an overview of the whole analytics section of the JW Player dashboard, including real time analytics and segmented reports.

Note: If you're seeing 'no data' in your JW Player analytics, and your content is not hosted with JW Player, be sure you've followed the instructions for registering your external URLs to get Media IDs.



What are the metrics shown?

Content Any video or audio content object with a unique Media ID
Embeds Players that have loaded on a webpage
Plays Video starts across all embedded players
Completes Videos watched to completion
Daily Unique Viewers Unique users who have played at least one video
Plays per Unique The number of plays divided by the number of unique viewers on specific day
Complete Rate The number of plays divided by the number of completes, as a percentage
Time Watched Total time watched across all your players
Engagement Use this data to track the performance of your video (where do viewers drop off? which sections do they replay?)
Ad Impressions Ad start events across all embedded players


Analytics in the Dashboard

Our design allows you to easily see overall metrics for your account, content-level data (each piece of content is defined by unique media-id), and domain level data (only top-level domains are currently reported).  You can also see these metrics split by device and geography.

It is also possible to download this information via CSV, or access it via API.

Analytics Overview Analytics Content List View Analytics Content Detail View

Note: Due to the way that we track analytics from within the player, it is not possible to keep count of time watched and engagement for live streams. Please keep this in mind when looking to track certain aspects of playback.

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