Managing Users

Managing Users

This article provides an introduction to user management & permissions within a JW Player account. The User Management page can be found in the dashboard under Account > Users.

Adding Users

Now, all JW Player accounts can add and manage multiple users, with different permissions settings, on the same account.

User Permissions

In addition to giving access to additional email addresses, you may restrict that access by designating permissions as follows:

  • ADMIN users have full account access (including Billing and User Management), as well as access to all Properties.
  • MANAGERS have access to most site areas — except Billing, Property, and User Management.
  • CONTENT EDITORS are similar to manager users except they have no access to monetization including Player advertising settings, and Advertising schedules.
  • READ-ONLY users have the same access as Managers but they can only view not edit — all areas of the site. 

If you are using the Properties feature, when adding any user other than an Admin you will also need to set which Properties that user can access. (At least one Property must be allowed).

Read more about Properties feature here.


Managing Existing Users

All users can be seen and managed from the "Existing Users" table. Here, you will see:

  1. The user's email address
  2. Their current permissions settings (editable from within the table)
  3. Their status (whether or not they've accepted your invitation by setting a password for their account)
  4. A delete button, should you need to remove the user from your account.


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