Importing Content in Bulk Using MRSS Feeds

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JW Player offers a convenient way to ingest videos into our platform using MRSS (Media Really Simple Syndication) feeds. This also allows you to import metadata associated with your media, like captions, thumbnails, and descriptions. If you’re using our video player you can use MRSS feeds to quickly register your media to begin generating analytics on your media--even if you aren’t hosting your content on JW Platform.


  1. Make sure you have a valid MRSS feed that includes items with media:content url and guid elements.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Import’ page from the left-side navigation menu when logged into the JW Player Dashboard.

  3. Click on the “Add Content Source” button

  4. Enter your feed URL. Once validated, edit the title if you’d like.

  5. Select whether you prefer to 1) host your media on JW Platform or 2) keep assets hosted externally and click “Continue”.

    • If you intend to host on JW Platform, we will transcode your videos--please ensure your MRSS feed points to the original video files for the best results.  If you’d just like to register media, select the second option.


  6. On the next screen you’ll see a preview of your feed with an “Inactive” status.  

  7. If you do want to add tags and further manage how metadata is handled as we ingest your assets, review the steps below.

  8. Otherwise, if you’re ready to start importing your media turn the toggle button to “ON” and click “Save” on the top right the page. The status should now read active with a green indicator.


  • Tagging all Media - You can use the JW Platform Tags section to define a tag that is applied to all media that is ingested via a particular feed. This is helpful for categorization and for creating dynamic, trending and recommended playlists.

  • Content-Level Metadata - Each individual media item in your feed will have metadata that might be visible to an end-user, like Thumbnails, Captions, and Description. You may choose to opt-out of importing these into JW Platform. The preview will reflect the metadata you select to import.

  • Content-Level Tags - Some of the metadata in your MRSS feed may be helpful for categorization and curation. You may choose to store these types of metadata (tags, keywords, categories, and credits) as tags. This can be useful if you’d like to create dynamic playlists based off of metadata contained in each media item you import.

NOTE: Configuration changes that you make will not apply retroactively to assets that have already been ingested.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the preview section say “No Media Found”? This message indicates we were unable to detect any media from the source URL provided. This might mean that the source URL you provided is not valid, does not yet contain media items, or is authenticated.

What if my feed is authenticated (HTTP)? If your feed is authenticated, you can click on the Advanced Tab to enter your credentials. If your credentials are accurate the preview should update with your most recent feed items.


What if my MRSS feed contains custom elements, can I import those as tags? Yes. On the Advanced tab there is a section entitled “Advanced Content-Level Tags”. In here you can enter your custom element name. For each feed item that we detect the custom element you identified, we will store the element and its value as a tag.


What happens if my ingestion stops working? All admin users with access to the property containing the import will receive a notification email if we are unable to import content after several attempts. This email will include a link to the Import Configuration page and troubleshooting tips. In most cases, it’s best to double-check the source URL and preview areas. If you continue to run into issues, please contact our support team.


How often are you checking for new content?. Our import system is continuously checking for new content roughly every five minutes.


What if I only want a one-time import of my media, rather than continuously checking? If you only need to import once, you may pause an active import by turning the toggle in the “Importing” section to OFF. This means that no new content will ingest until re-activated. You may also scroll to the bottom to permanently delete an import.

I registered my media - why don’t I see analytics yet? In addition to registering your media, you need to ensure that you are embedding your content with the Media ID we provide, and that media has received views. You can always find out a video’s media ID by clicking into an individual video from the Videos page.

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