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This page provides a high-level overview of all recent JW Player product releases.

If you are a developer looking for more detailed technical release notes, please see the following developer pages:

Product Latest Version
JW Player 7.12.0
Android SDK 2.7
iOS SDK 2.7
JW Platform API -

Recent Releases:

JW Player 7.12 - June 21, 2017

JW Player 7.12.0 introduces a new configuration option to enable playback rate controls as well as native caption and subtitle support for casting. This release also added the viewable event, making it easier to control the user experience based on the player’s visibility.

The sharing overlay was also made less intrusive at larger player sizes, allowing playback to continue while the viewer makes a selection from the newly redesigned sharing menu.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player 7.11 - May 10, 2017

In JW Player 7.11, the UI is no longer packaged as part of the core player JavaScript. Player load and setup time is decreased, especially when using controls:false, which ultimately saves bandwidth and eliminates rendering of elements that are never used.

The release has some visual updates to the discovery overlay that improve performance and usability. We have also extended HLS in HTML5 to IE 11 on Windows 8 and higher.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player 7.10 - March 22, 2017

JW Player 7.10 supports more DASH streams and features likes DVR windowed live streams, multiple audio tracks, and improved subtitles. 7.10 also adds a viewability api method that you can use to get the viewability of the player or listen to events to determine if the player was viewable during that event.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player 7.9 - February 02, 2017

In JW 7.9, the UI has been updated to embrace small player sizes on mobile and desktop. Additionally, the Casting feature has been overhauled to handle both Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Airplay. Lastly, support for playback of 360 Video has been added - no additional plugin required.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player SDK 2.6 - December 12, 2016

The JW Player SDK 2.6 for Android has been modularized. Import only the modules you use and shed the rest for a lightweight JW SDK. We also added ad pod support for VPAID 2.0 ads and exposed Google IMA's ad UI text localization support to display your preferred language. In the JW Player SDK for iOS we've revamped our fullscreen and rotation handling for a better viewer experience. Both Android & iOS SDKs also include small player UI fixes, a new onAdCompanion() callback that returns VAST companion ad data, and many bug fixes.

Please visit our full release notes for iOS & Android to read more details.

JW Player 7.8 - November 30, 2016

In JW Player 7.8 HLS will be played in HTML5 as default in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge without the need to set a separate configuration. This update comes on the heels of Chrome updating to turn all Flash into click-to-play. JW 7.8 also adds support for autoplay on mobile, including a new interface element to unmute autostarted videos on mobile, as well as a FreeWheel advertising plugin.

This release also enhances the mobile and small player experience by introducing a new sharing overlay which is usable at all player sizes.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player 7.7 - October 4, 2016

JW Player 7.7 has a new interface for displaying playlist content and a new flow for transitioning into discovery mode to showcase recommended content. The tile layout introduced in JW 7.6 will now also be used to display curated playlist content, replacing the visual playlist in the controlbar. After the last playlist item, if there are JW Platform powered recommendations, the UI will transition seamlessly into discovery mode which continuously recommends new videos to help viewers discover new content.

This release also enhances the controlbar UI with a new default rewind 10 second element, a new “Next Up” button which shows a tooltip for the next video to be played when hovered over, and the option for the Next Up element to display before the next video begins.

This release also enhances the following functionality:

  1. Improved Google IMA SDK load time
  2. Expanded support for Apple FairPlay Streaming
  3. Multi-period support in MPEG-DASH streams
  4. HTML5 HLS playback in Firefox 45+

JW Player SDK 2.5 - September 14, 2016

The JW Player SDK 2.5 for iOS and Android adds support for popular customer-requested features such as custom HTTP headers for additional content protection, specifying JW Media IDs for externally hosted content registered in JW Platform, improvements to Ad handling and messaging, new and updated callback events, iOS 10 support for our iOS SDK, and many other bug fixes.

Please visit our full release notes for iOS & Android to read more details.

JW Player 7.6 - August 12, 2016

JW Player 7.6 has a mobile optimized design for displaying recommended content during and after a video ends. This new overlay is called “Next Up” and retains all of the functionality the related overlay. Next Up pairs seamlessly with feeds from JW Platform to allow your viewers to continue watching and discovering great content.

JW Player 7.5 - July 26, 2016

JW Player 7.5 has added support for caption positioning in both VTT and 708 format in HTML5. We’ve also revamped how captions are styled, by leveraging an easy to use caption styling API. In addition to our captions work, we’ve added support for new DRM systems. JW 7.5 supports Fairplay in Safari OSX and Widevine in Firefox 47+. Finally, we’ve improved our ad scheduling, integrated screen reader support, and improved our default skin.

A full list of changes can be found on our full release notes.

JW Player SDK 2.4.0 - June 29, 2016

Free, Premium, and Platinum license editions are now supported in the JW Player SDK and playback of HLS streams protected with Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) is now supported in the JW Player SDK for iOS.

JW Player SDK 2.3.0 - June 6, 2016

The JW Player team is happy to announce that the JW Player SDK for iOS and Android version 2.3.0 can play VPAID 2.0 interactive video ads in HTML5 on native mobile apps.

In addition, the JW Player SDK for Android now supports multiple track audio and playback of Widevine DRM encrypted videos in the JW Player SDK for Android.

See the Mobile SDKs 2.3 blog post for more details.

JW Player 7.4 - May 10, 2016

Apple HLS adaptive streaming is the most widely used streaming technology. JW Player now supports HLS in HTML5 through Chrome’s Media Source Extensions. HTML5 playback of HLS in the world's most used browser decreases the time to first frame and further reduces the reliance of Flash as a video rendering technology. With only a few exceptions, HLS in HTML5 will work as it did with Flash, just faster!

TV Casting - Apr 8, 2016

JW Player SDK for Android 2.2 gives developers a simple, out-of-the-box ability to search for available Chromecast devices and wirelessly cast videos from their mobile app to any selected Chromecast device. We currently support HLS adaptive streams and MP4 progressive videos and viewers will be able to pause, play, seek, and control playback from the mobile app.

JW Player SDK for iOS 2.2 supports casting to Chromecast devices just like the Android SDK, but with iOS we also make it easy for developers to enable viewers to wirelessly stream content using AirPlay and control playback directly from the iOS app to any AirPlay enabled device (for example Apple TV).

jw player tv casting

See the Mobile SDKs 2.2 blog post for more details.

Realtime Analytics - Mar 28, 2016

With Realtime Analytics, Publishers can see which videos are popular right now. Real-time will make audience & content trends more actionable, especially for fast moving content segments like news, sports and entertainment.

jw player realtime analytics

Realtime Analytics are available in the Enterprise and Ads editions of JW Player. See the Realtime Analytics article for more info.

CDN Accelerated Uploads - Mar 3, 2016

CDN Accelerated Uploads leverage our CDN edge nodes to dramatically (up to 10x) improve the upload speed of videos. Customers in South America, Asia and Oceania in particular will benefit from this upgrade.

Contrary to competing solutions like Aspera Fasp, no dedicated software is needed for accelerated uploads. They work for regular HTTP uploads, both within the user dashboard and through the platform API.

CDN Accelerated Uploads are available in all editions of JW Player. See the Platform API documentation for more info.

Platform Ad Scheduling - Mar 1, 2016

Platform Ad Scheduling enables editorial users to schedule mid-rolls, waterfalls and per-video advertisements. All functionality of JW Player's ad configuration API is supported in an intuitive, no-coding-needed UI. Schedules are particularly effective for monetizing content that's over 5 minutes in lenght through mid-rolls.

jw player platform ad scheduling

Platform Ad Scheduling is available in the Ads edition of JW Player. See the Scheduling Ad Breaks article for more info.

AppleTV App Builder - Feb 18, 2016

Our open-source AppleTV App Builder enables Online Publications to get their content to TV efficiently and cost-effectively. The app builder allows easy customization through colors & images. Content is populated using RSS feeds from JW Platform. Advertising and Analytics through JW Platform are also included.

JW Player appleTV App Builder

The AppleTV App Builder is available in all editions of JW Player. See our JW Player AppleTV Git repo for more info.

JW Player 7.3 - Feb 16, 2016

JW Player 7.3 offers a variety of improvements and bugfixes. Exclusively on iOS devices, we now utilize the native HTML5 tracks element, allowing for fullscreen captions on iOS devices. Additional DRM options have also been added, along with other improvements and changes.

PlayReady DRM Support

  • PlayReady DRM now supported on IE11/Edge browsers for Win 8.1+
  • Clearkey DRM now functions with DASH

HTML5 HLS Safari Improvements

  • ID3 timed metadata can now be accessed with the on('meta') listener
  • HLS DVR streams can now be viewed and controlled on JW Player controlbar
  • HLS embedded captions can now be controlled with JW Player control bar
  • Native HTML5 caption tracks are now used for iOS devices, allowing for fullscreen subtitles.
  • Multiple audio tracks can now be accessed in Safari.


  • Player supports playlists in JSON file format
  • Ads rendered with Google IMA SDK now use JW Player control bar UI

JW Player 7.3 includes updates for all editions of JW Player. See the HTML5 Player Release Notes for more info.

Mobile SDKs 2.1 - Feb 2, 2016

The 2.1 updates of our Android and iOS Mobile SDKs most notably introduce reading and exposing ID3 metadata from HLS streams. Common use cases include server-side or client-side ad insertion, as well as presentiong artist/album information for radio stations.

Android SDK Updates

  • ID3 Timed Metadata
  • Local Media File Playback
  • Chromecast Beta
  • Support for newly added JW7 API callbacks (onSeeked, onFirstFrame, onAdRequest, etc.)
  • Various enhancements and bugfixes.

iOS SDK Updates

  • HLS Live DVR
  • ID3 Timed Metadata
  • Picture in Picture (iOS 9 iPad only)
  • HLS Multiple Track Audio
  • Various enhancements and bugfixes.

The Mobile SDKs 2.1 include updates in the Enterprise and Ads editions of JW Player. See the Android SDK Release Notes and the iOS SDK Release Notes for more info.

Multiple Users & Properties - Jan 21, 2016

Multiple Users & Properties enable larger companies to segment their media library, providing users with granular access to one or more of them. Each property has its own player templates & downloads, videos & feeds library, engagement & usage analytics and content protection rules. Typical use cases include:

  • Businesses that span multiple teams (e.g. marketing, product, support, etc).
  • Media corporations with multiple publications (e.g. magazines, blogs or talent sites).
  • Development agencies with multiple customers (using a property for each customer).

JW Player multiple users and properties

Multiple Users are included in all editions of JW Player. See the Managing Users article for more info. Multiple Properties are included in the Enterprise and Ads editions of JW Player. See the Managing Properties article for more info.

Analytics Recency - Jan 7, 2016

Analytics Recency improves the availability of analytics from next-day to within seconds of event capture. This improves the actionability of analytics, as video edits or ad rules can be optimized as changes happen.

Today's unique viewers count will be estimated, but accurate within 2%. Custom date ranges are now also supported.

JW Player Analytics Recency

The Analytics Recency update is included in all editions of JW Player. See the Using JW Player Analytics article for more info.

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