What is JW Player?

JW Player is a company providing online video player and platform technology, and is most known for its player of the same name — the world's most popular embeddable media player for publishers.

JW Player is software for building video into websites, apps and more. It is easy to configure, customize, and extend. JW Player and JW Platform also offer developers complete API control.

If you are simply a viewer watching video in a JW Player, there is nothing to download and install. Everything is handled by the website on which you're watching video.

JW Player & JW Platform: More Powerful Together


I'm having problems viewing a video

If you're having problems viewing a video, please see our example embed below:

Uh oh!
Your browser might not support JW Player 7
See our Browser Reference for more information.

If the above video is appearing, your browser or device supports JW Player 7!

If the above video works, but you're experiencing problems viewing video on a different website, their JW Player might not be configured properly. You may need to contact their support team to let them know.


I am still having problems viewing content in JW Player

If there are still issues viewing a video, there are a few things to check:

Ensure that your browser or device supports JW Player 7
JW Player 7 requires a browser that supports HTML5. A list of fully supported browsers can be found here. Please make sure your browser is the latest version.
Make sure that the latest version of Flash is installed
A minimum version of Adobe Flash 11.2 is required for viewing Flash content. You can update Flash by visiting Adobe's website.
Check your network
Since JW Player is a network-based video player, slow or firewalled networks will affect performance.
  • If viewing RTMP content, make sure that Port 1935 is unblocked by your network or firewall.
  • Check your network speed with a free bandwidth measuring tool to ensure that you have the network capacity to view video content.
  • Certain plugins and features are loaded from our content delivery network(CDN). Make sure that you are able to access files from:


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