Scheduling Ad Breaks

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In this document, we'll look at two ways to tackle creating video ad schedules (any combination of preroll, midroll, or postroll ads) with JW Player tools.

If you're looking for information on how to implement simple preroll advertising, check out our document on Getting Started with VAST Ads.

Use the JW Player interface to create cloud-hosted ad schedules.

Ad Schedule Overview

With JW Player you can schedule an ad to appear anytime during playback. You can use JW Player Ad Scheduling to create a TV-style viewing experience by inserting ads at opportune moments in your long-form content. An intuitive dashboard interface allows you to create and manage ad schedules that can be easily paired with your content and your cloud-hosted players. You can also easily use a schedule to add non-linear ads to overlay on top of the video during playback.

Creating an Ad Schedule

To create an ad schedule all you need is a set of tags from your ad partner. You can use the same tag for each ad break.

  1. Navigate to the Ad Schedule page.
  2. Create a New Ad Schedule or edit an existing one.
  3. Choose an Ad Manager - VAST, Google IMA, or to supply an Externally-hosted VMAP.
    1. If you are using DFP it is typically better to select Google IMA.
  4. Enter a friendly name for your schedule.
  5. Press at your desired ad break
    1. Preroll
    2. Midroll
    3. Postroll
  6. Enter in the url to the ad tag.
    1. Use Ad Tag Targeting Macros to get better fill on your ads.
  7. Add as many breaks as needed.
  8. Make sure to give your schedule a friendly name and Save.

Notes and Tips

  • When using VAST as your ad manager, apply skip offsets with each ad break to increase engagement.
  • You can create as many ad schedules that you need.
  • Use percentage time offsets for midrolls for a generic schedule.
  • Only midroll ads can be forced to fill with a non-linear overlay.

Associating a Schedule with a Player

Now that you have created an ad schedule, you need to associate with a Player. Note that if you do not have any schedules created, the option for JW Player Schedule will not appear. Navigate to the Player section in your Dashboard.

  1. Click New Player or edit an existing Player.
  2. Set your desired playback settings and other customizations.
  3. Open the Advertising or Monetize section.
  4. Turn Advertising on.
  5. Choose an Ad Schedule
  6. Select your schedule from the drop down menu.
  7. Set the text for the user interface elements that you desire.
  8. Save your Player
  9. Publish your player with content to begin using the ad schedule.

Managing your Ad Tags

As most tag management is done at the ad server level, using the Advertising API is the easiest way to make bulk changes. Please reference our Advertising Management API.

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