About the JW Player Wordpress Plugin

This article is an overview of the JW Player Wordpress Plugin and its functionality.

The JW Player Wordpress Plugin lets you seamlessly integrate videos, playlists, and players from your JW Player Account into your Wordpress website. Media integrated in this way will also appear in your JW Player dashboard's Analytics section.

JW Player Wordpress Plugin Settings Page

JW Player Wordpress Plugin Settings Page


Features of The Plugin

What it does:

  • Allows you to easily insert media (including playlists) into your website from your JW Player account.
  • Allows you to place players from your JW Player account into your website.

What it does NOT do:

  • Replace the JW Player dashboard
  • Allow you to create or manage players or media objects from within the plugin (these actions happen within the JW Player dashboard)

You may also sync Wordpress-hosted media to your JW Player account (as externally-hosted media).



Get the JW Player Wordpress Plugin here.

  1. Unpack the zip-file and put the resulting folder in the wp-content/plugins directory of your Wordpress install.
  2. Login as Wordpress admin.
  3. Go the the plugins page—the JW Player plugin should be visible. Click "activate" to enable the plugin. Please note: if you had the older JW Player plugin, you will be prompted to de-activate it before activating this new plugin.
  4. Click the "authorize plugin" link in the notification to authorize your plugin with your JW Player account API Key & Secret. (You'll find these in the Account > API Credentials section of the JW Player dashboard when you are logged in as an Admin user).
  5. Change the settings to your liking.

    JW Player Wordpress Plugin Settings Page



Settings Options

  • Authorization: This is where you'll enter your API Key & Secret
  • Default Player: This player will be selected by default when you embed videos with the JW Player plugin. Edit this player, or any other player settings, from your JW Player dashboard. Each time you choose a video to embed, you will be able to select another player. If you use shortcodes, you can override the default player selection by adding a dash with the corresponding player key to the video key. (For example: [jwplayer a1b2c3d4-z0y9x8w7])
  • Authoring Page Widget: Check the "show" box to enable the easy-access widget directly on the Post Editing page. Whether or not this setting is enabled, you will always be able to access the JW Player plugin from the Add Media window.
  • Videos in widget: When searching for existing videos, the widget and overlays are limited to displaying a certain number at a time. Specify that number here. If the video you're looking for does not appear within these results, refine your search terms.
  • Timeout for signed links: You can setup URL (token) signing in the JW Player Dashboard, and then set a custom timeout for signed links via your plugin settings.
  • Content DNS Mask: JW Player users on the Enterprise edition can set up DNS masking which allows you to use your own domain for content and player URLs. Please note that HTTPS embeds will not work with a DNS mask.
  • Custom Shortcode Parser: Learn more about shortcodes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin replace the old JW Player Plugin for Wordpress?

Yes, it does. You cannot run both plugins at the same time. However, you can import your referenced media, your players and your playlists from the old plugin into your JW Player account.


Does this plugin work with caching solutions like WP-Supercache?

Yes, it does. However, you should disable the signing functionality of the plugin, since the caching might interfere with the signing timeout logic. In Wordpress, go to Settings > JW Player and set the signing timeout to 0.


Can I search through only my playlists in Wordpress?

Yes, you can. In order to do this, simply write "pl:" (without the quotes) in front of your search query in the widget.


What should I do if I find a bug or specific technical issue with the JW Player Plugin?

Please open an issue on our plugin's GitHub page.


What should I do if I need other support using the JW Player Plugin?

Please use our Publisher Support website to contact our support team. (Login required).


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