DNS Masking

This article explains what DNS masking is and how to DNS mask the JW Platform Content API

What is DNS masking?

With DNS masking you can make it look like the JW Platform embed codes are part of your domain instead of hosted on a third party service. People looking in your HTML code will see e.g. cdn.yourdomain.com instead of content.jwplatform.com.

It also means that, if you have enabled the sharing plugin, the shared embed codes will contain your own domain name. This looks more professional to your end viewers.

Player embeds (script, iframe, embed), preview thumbnails, RSS feeds and video downloads all benefit from DNS Masking.  IMPORTANT: If you're using HTTPS, DNS masking will not work for you because we cannot host your SSL certificate. 

1: Contact support to request DNS masking on your property

DNS masking the Content API is offered for Enterprise Edition accounts only. If you would like to enable DNS masking for one or more of your properties, contact support@jwplayer.com to provide the property API key and the DNS mask domain name you would like to use. After verifying that your account is elegible, we will provide you with a Canonical Name (CNAME) that you should use for this mask.

2: Setup a DNS Mask with your Domain Provider

Technically, DNS masking is accomplished by setting up a CNAME record. You have to do this yourself with the company that manages your domain name. We cannot do this for you.

  • Note that the Host Name you add a record for MUST be the same as the one you provided to support in step 1.
  • The record type should be CNAME.
  • The Address for the record must be the CNAME address provided by support. it is very important that the address include a dot at the end for example:  content-cname-001.jwplatform.com. 

It can take up to a couple of hours for the new CNAME record to propagate. Once it has completed you should see your data load if you replace our domain name with yours. Here's a simple example image to test.


3: Add the CNAME in your Dashboard

Once the DNS mask is active, you should add the CNAME to your dashboard, under the Account > Properties settings section, so we can start using the mask for your account. 

With the DNS mask registered with us:

  • The embed codes and source URLs in the dashboard (players, downloads, playlists) will then use your domain.
  • The embed codes in the sharing dialog in your players will then use your domain.

After having entered the DNS mask in the Dashboard, you're all set!

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