Configuring Ad Skipping

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You can set an amount of time that you want your viewers to watch an ad before being allowed to skip it. When this skip offset is configured, a countdown will appear in the player and the 'skip' button will become active when the time has passed. This skip cancels the ad playback and does not fire any ad complete trackers.

PLEASE NOTE: that this option is configurable for VAST only and not Google IMA.

Ad skipping can be set in two ways from the JW Player dashboard, will be done differently depending on whether you are using the dashboard's Ad Schedules feature, or if you are setting your ad tags directly within your players.

Note: If skipping is set on both the Ad Schedule Break and Player Settings levels, the Ad Schedule Break skip settings will override any other settings.
ad schedule skip settings

When Using Ad Schedules

To specify skip settings in an ad schedule, navigate to the ad break you'd like to edit.

Underneath the ad waterfall settings, you'll see options for turning skipping "on", as well as for specifying the number of seconds you'd like your viewers to wait before they can skip the ad.

To ensure changes are applied to your schedule (and propagate to already-embedded (live) schedules, be sure to save your schedule.


ad schedule skip settings

When Using Player Ad Settings

To specify skip settings in a player, navigate to the player you'd like to edit.

In the "Advertising" pane of the player builder, make sure Advertising is "on".

Underneath the ad waterfalling settings, you'll see a section with controls for making the ad "skippable", setting the skip timer, and changing the text for the skip countdown message.

To ensure changes are applied to your player (and propagate to already-embedded (live) players, be sure to save your player.


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