Custom Ad Countdown Message

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During playback of linear ads, JW Player displays a friendly ad message to notify viewers. However, via a simple customization option, it is possible to set a custom ad message. This article explains the process.

By default, JW Player's Ad message is 'This ad will end in xx seconds'. However, because of langauge differences, desired branding, or if advertising is being configured for other means, this message is fully customizable. Our default message appears as follows:

JW7 Ad message mockup

However, this message can be modified by setting the admessage configuration option inside of the advertising block. The string xx in this option will also automatically be replaced with a countdown. The use of the xx is entirely optional however. An example of a custom ad message configuration can be seen below:

var playerInstance = jwplayer('myElement');
file: 'assets/myVideo.mp4',
	advertising: {
	client: 'vast',
	tag: '//',
	admessage: 'Our message will end in xx seconds.'

Note that as of JW Player 7.3, the Google IMA plugin will utilize JW Player's own skinning model and any configured custom messages.

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