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Using the Platform API, developers can build video management functionality into their own website or application.

To ensure fair access for all, usage of api.jwplatform.com is limited to 10 calls per minute. We reserve the right to block API access to accounts that exceed this rate. If you need a higher API rate, please contact sales@jwplayer.com. Note that calls to content.jwplatform.com do not count towards the API rate limit.
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Getting Started

The API consists of an URL Scheme for requesting files, plus an API framework for requesting data. This article provides an overview of both. Click on an API class or URL group below to get detailed information. Note these references are auto-generated and hosted outside our support site.

To quickly get started, we provide both a PHP and Python API kit, plus a ZIP file with some PHP examples. They are all attached to this article:

We also provide a fully functional JW Platform WordPress Plugin, which is capable of uploading, searching and publishing videos within the WordPress admin.

URL Scheme

These are the different files that can be requested from our Contentserver.

API Framework

These pages describe the general behaviour and security features of our data API:

API Classes

Here is an overview of all classes currently available in the API:


Here's a full error reference and change log:

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