About Billing & Payments

This article explains JW Player Billing policy, procedure, and how to access Billing-related information.

Pricing Structure

JW Player currently has 4 tiers of pricing: Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise editions.  Customers may also be on previously offered plans such as Premium, Platinum, or Ads editions.  Those are still supported, but no longer actively sold.

JW Player Free, Starter, and Business licenses can be acquired through our website. These licenses last for one year each. For the Starter and Business editions, this means that customers will pay for the entire year upon checkout.

JW Player Enterprise editions are subject to policies as outlined in their contracts, as decided upon between the customer and their JW Player sales representative.


Billing & Payment

The Account > Billing section of the JW Player dashboard is a convenient way to manage your Billing & Payment information. Here, you will find:

  • Product, pricing, and other inclusions information (for custom packages), as well as a link to contact Support about your account.
  • Billing email address — if you'd like, you may set one that is different from the main Account email address.
  • Tools to update your payment method, credit card information, or other billing information.
  • A table of your billing history, including access to past invoices.

To access an invoice for a given statement date, click on the link in the table.


Renewal & Cancellation

By default, your JW Player License is set to auto-renew each year on your renewal date.  If you are using our Starter or Business licenses and you would like to cancel your subscription for any reason, visit Account > Billing and click the "Cancel Subscription" link.  Enterprise licenses may not be canceled via the dashboard and you must contact your JW Player sales representative to discuss cancellation.

Deleting an Account

Only Free license users can delete their account by visiting Account > Profile > Delete Account. All players, content, and analytics for the account will be deleted, and you will no longer be able to log in. Deleting your account will also unsubscribe you from all future JW Player emails (this may take up to 48 hours). Once your account is deleted, it cannot be undone. 


Other Questions

How do I purchase a paid edition of JW Player?

To purchase extra hosting & streaming with JW Platform, visit our pricing page to review your options. If you're choosing JW Player Premium or Platinum, you can order right away online! Enterprise and hosting upgrades are handled via our Contact Us page.

Note: If you have an existing Free account with us, make sure that you are using the same email address when upgrading.


If I wish to run ads via a third party plugin, do I still need an advertising player license?

To run video ads in any form, you must be properly licensed with our Platinum, Enterprise, or Ads edition.


I've just upgraded my license. Why is my player not reflecting this change?

If you are self-hosting the player, you will need to manually make this change.  After upgrading your license, the key found on your account page will be updated. As a result, you will need to manually update your self-hosted key on your website. If a cloud-hosted library was utilized, this change will happen automatically (this is one of many great benefits of our cloud-hosted player library).


What payment methods do you accept?

When purchasing online, we accept only credit card and PayPal. Other payment methods may be open to custom licensees (JW Player Enterprise).


Can I transfer my license to someone else?

JW Player licenses are non-transferrable.


What is your refund policy?

All fees are non-refundable except if otherwise provided in the Terms of Service.

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