Troubleshooting Data Capture Issues

If you have players operating on your site, but see no data in the Analytics section of your dashboard, there could be an issue with how you've setup your custom player embed. For more information on how to embed your player properly to enable platform services (like Analytics), please click here.

The most common cause of data capture issues is that an external url is used without a reference to a JW Player Media ID. IMPORTANT: If you choose to create your own Media ID for use in a setup, the ID must be exactly 8 characters in length. However, we highly recommend you use the unique Media IDs generated in the JW Player dashboard, in order to generate the full range of data available in your analytics dashboard.


How to Apply Media IDs to Embeds

Note: If you use JW Platform to host your content, or if you use the dashboard to add externally hosted URLs and generate embed code, your setup work is already done for you.

  1. Get Media IDs for your content via the Dashboard or the API. We have three methods for this:
    • Add videos manually via Dashboard: Add externally-hosted URLs or upload your content via the dashboard.  You can add up to 100 videos at a time using this option. The Media ID can then be viewed on the content detail page for each video. 
    • MRSS Ingest via Dashboard: See this support page for more details
    • Use our API to add videos programmatically: The /videos/create method supports externally-hosted URLs
      • Be sure to define sourcetype as 'url' and to also include your sourceurl for externally-hosted content
      • You can use the API to do your own batch upload via CSV.

  2. Embed all content using JW Player Media IDs
    • Dashboard: Once your content is added, click “embed” on a video from the detail page or list page.
    • API: Include the Media ID parameter in your player embeds, as in the below code example


Test it Out

If you believe your Media IDs have been set up correctly, you can check the analytics dashboard to see if your metrics are being updated in real-time.


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