Introduction to the JW Player Dashboard

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We're excited to introduce you to the JW Player Dashboard! You'll find all the functionality you need in a clean interface that makes your job easier.

The below is a step-by-step tour of your new dashboard. If you have any questions or concerns, post a question in the forum, contact our support team (JW Player Premium and higher only), or reach out to your account representative.

Dashboard Homepage

The dashboard homepage contains links to access important tools, like:

  • Support case submission
  • API Credentials
  • Billing
  • Developer documentation

Dashboard Homepage

It also contains information about new product releases, information about your account's usage (for Admin users only), and the Quick Upload tool.




Under the Manage section you will find the pages to manage your videos, live streams, playlists, tags, and MRSS imports.  The videos list page is where you can add videos by uploading or adding by external URL reference. 

Videos List Page


Video Detail Page

Add tags, metadata, tracks and view sources for your video. Within the tracks tab, add and edit caption files using our captions editor tool.

Video Detail Page


Publish Window

You will notice buttons throughout the dashboard that say Embed - mainly attached to videos, playlists, and live streams.  When you click on an Embed button it will show the publish window.  

From here, you can:

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to Player to select a different cloud-hosted player to use for your embed.  
  2. Select "javascript" (recommended) or "iframe" for your embed type
  3. Check the check box to Include SEO tags — this automatically includes text from your video metadata in your embed code and optimizes your embed for search engines to crawl
  4. Click the "preview page" link to see a preview of what your embed will look like




Create new players and edit existing ones in the Publish section of your dashboard. All JW Player accounts come with two example players: one responsive and one fixed-width.

The player list page gives you an overview of all of your players including a preview of their skins, their size, and their version numbers, as well as a quick link to view analytics specific for that player.

Player List Page

Clicking on a player title in the players list will open the detail page for that player.

Player detail page

Here, you can update settings for playback, design, sharing, analytics, and more.

On this page you'll also notice the Player Library URL — this gives you quick access to the library for this cloud player and its settings. Click here to learn more about using player libraries.



Monitor your content performance, and look at activity by device, geography, engagement, and more. Player activity is associated with a unique media ID, to ensure that everything is attributed accurately. Read more about Media IDs!  IMPORTANT: If you choose to create your own media id for use in a setup, the id must be exactly 8 characters in length. However, we highly recommend you use the unique media ids generated in the JW Player dashboard, in order to generate the full range of data available in your analytics dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard



In the Account menu you will find access to:

  • Your user Profile and user settings
  • Properties management
  • User management
  • API Credentials 
  • Usage analytics
  • Billing information
  • Sign out of your account

Note that you may see different items in the Account menu depending on your user permission level.  Non-admin users will not see billing, for example. 

Account profile page

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