Video Preload

About Preload

JW Player by default will preload metadata about a stream in order to start playing video faster. For a streaming media source like HLS and MPEG-DASH, JW Player will download the manifests and the first segment of a video. In order to improve page performance, the player will only preload the first video player on the page and those that are viewable. 




No media information or files will be accessed prior to play.


The player will load metadata from the file to derive playback information. (Duration, dimensions, file size) This allows our API to return information that was previously only available once playback was initiated. Speed to play may also increase, since a small amount of the file is automatically loaded.


The player expects that the video will be fully loaded and played. When using HLS and DASH, we will begin loading the video file in order to speed up an initial play event. Auto is similar to metadata, with additional content data being loaded.

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