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Publishers need an easy way to check what's going on at-a-glance, for any number of reasons. We wanted to make it extremely easy for our users to monitor the current health of their content, and stale data just wouldn't cut it.

The 'Right Now' Analytics View

'Right Now' Feature: What am I looking at?

There is only one metric being displayed on this page: ‘Current Viewers.’  This is calculated by looking at the last 60 seconds of viewer data for your account, and counting the number of unique viewers for each property, media id, country, device, and domain.  This metric is the same as the “Daily Unique Viewers” metric you see on the overview and content detail page, but with a 60 second timeframe instead of one day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Live Streams?

Currently, this feature only supports VOD. This view depends on our VOD time-watched pings, which are currently not sent for Live-Streams. This is the same reason why, in the other Analytics features, you will be unable to see 'time watched' for Live-Streams.

How 'Real-Time' is it?

When a viewer starts watching a video, there's generally a lag of 5-12 seconds before they show up in this dashboard, depending on our network volume.

When a user stops watching a video, there's a maximum lag of 1 minute before they are discounted

Why does it take longer to stop counting a viewer?

This was all about balance. We look for the presence of a ping to start counting a viewer, but we look for the absence of a ping to discount them. We want these metrics to be as precise as possible, but for performance reasons, we don't want to overload our player (or the viewer's browser) with work to ping back “I'm still watching!” messages to our data pipeline every second. So, we have to wait a little while longer to be certain the user has stopped watching than we have to wait to know they've started.

Why doesn't the sum of my 'top content' section equal the top number?

Reason 1 — Only viewers for the top 5 videos are displayed. If you have more than 5 videos currently being watched, those are not displayed, meaning the total you see will only be a portion of overall.

Reason 2 — Even with less than 5 videos being watched, you cannot sum the results to get overall viewers. This is because we’re displaying ‘unique’ viewers, and when you perform a complex operation (i.e. counting uniques, finding the median, etc), you lose the ability to do sum or average the results without the source data.

For example, if I watch video 1 immediately followed by video 2, overall your property would only recognize one unique viewer. But, both video 1 and video 2 have each had a unique viewer in the last minute. So one viewer is tallied for each video, until a minute passes and the old video is discounted.

Why can I only look back two minutes?

This view is a snapshot in time. For investigation and analysis over time, please use the other Analytics features. You are currently able to look at aggregate metrics for today (so far), which are also updated in Real-Time. So, for example, to check the top video for the whole day so far, select today as the time range, and look at top content. In the future, we'll look into rolling out more granular time chunks, such as hourly.

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