License Keys & Downloads

This article will explain where to find your license keys & player downloads in your JW Player dashboard.

In the left-hand navigation menu, under the Players section, click the link that says "Tools".

On this page, you'll find your player & SDK downloads (if applicable) in the "Downloads" table, with a button to download at the far right. You'll also see your Player & SDK license keys in this table, which you can copy quickly and be on your way.  Not that self-hosted player downloads and SDKs are not available in every edition.  See pricing for details. 

This table will also allow you to note which version of the player or SDKs you are downloading, as well as the date of the last time we updated the downloads in this page.

Downloads & Keys Page


Cloud Player Over Self-Hosted Player

Did you know that our cloud player libraries can do everything that the self-hosted player can do? Plus, you'll have the added bonus of automatic player updates — we'll stay on top of changes in browser technology and bug fixes, so you don't have to.  You can even try out future versions of the player by taking advantage of release channels.

To grab a cloud-hosted player library URL, simply use the dropdown available on the Tools page to select a player and copy the URL.

Cloud Player Picker Dropdown on Downloads Page

You can also grab a player's library code any time you are editing a player in the dashboard, on the Player Detail page.

Player Library URL on Player Detail Page

Get implementation instructions and more information about custom embeds with player libraries here.


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