Building & Managing Recommendations Playlists

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  • This article covers building and managing Recommendations playlists
  • To learn more about the general topic of playlists, and specifically Manual or Dynamic (Curated) playlists, read "Building and Managing Playlists". 
  • For more information about how recommendations playlists are shown in the player and can improve content discovery, read "Discover Overlay".
  • Read "JW Recommendations" for details on Recommendations requirements & best practices.
Recommendations Playlists are a contextual set of video recommendations built in real-time from a specific source video or search phrase. They can be used in-player in the discover overlay or outside the player via API access. They require the input of a Media ID (Similar) or text phrase (Search).
  • Similar Video playlists choose the best videos to complement what viewers are watching based on viewer activity and content metadata traits. This playlist powers the in-player discover overlay and uses viewing trends from the JW Network.​ 
  • Video Search playlists accept a keyword based search and return the most relevant set of videos (as well as matching terms in captions when applicable) based on title, description, tags, and captions (VTT or SRT) matches.
    • NOTE Search Playlists cannot be embedded in a player at this time - see here for more information on using search.
Important Notes:
  • Trending playlists are built by the JW Recommendations Engine but present content in a linear/sequential experience and can be embedded directly into player so they are a part of the Curated playlist feature set in the player and dashboard.
  • ALL Recommendations Playlists require content to be hosted with the JW Platform OR media to be registered for Media IDs. Read "JW Recommendations" for more details on other requirements & best practices for utilizing recommendations.
  • Best results are achieved with playlist lengths of 25 items minimum, especially when the results are expected to be interacted with by viewers in the player or on page widgets.
Building and Managing Recommendations Playlists in the Dashboard
Playlist creation & management happens in the Recommendations section in the JW Player Dashboard:

Enhanced Recommended Page Features
You’ll notice some important differences from curated playlist management on the recommended playlist detail pages:
  1. A visualization of plays over the trailing 30 day time period shows promoted and recommended content.
  2. The Setup tab allows you to adjust the composition of the playlist in two important ways:
Promote: By selecting the promote checkbox for Position 1, 2, or both positions you can ensure that videos from your selected Manual, Dynamic, or Trending playlist are always displayed in that position in the playlist / in-player overlay. Content from the promoted playlist will be evenly distributed across your viewership (and always in the chosen position) but keep in mind that individual players filter already watched videos so this might be difficult to test.

Filter by Tag:
You can control the pool of videos from which content is recommended or searched by adding tag based business rules. These rules use your video tags to exclude or include specific content in the result set. Be careful using tag filtration as they can severely limit the performance of JW Recommendations. A best practice is to only exclude content which you would absolutely not want to recommend and let our algorithms have the best possible chance of find a relevant and engaging video.
  • Include: Only those videos with either ALL or ANY of the tags selected will be returned in the playlist.
  • Exclude: Videos with ALL or ANY of the tags selected will NOT be returned in the playlist.

Note: It is possible have both inclusion and exclusion rules on a single playlist however not for the same tag.

The Advanced Tab contains:
  • JSON, RSS, and Playlist ID - Populated with the top video or tag to ensure you can easily get results.
  • Control over the list length - As well as display of the number of possible max items.
  • Playlist Metadata - Description, Custom Parameter control, and Permalinks.
  • Delete - Warning this is final and permanent.
Using Preview to Understand Results
Preview lets you see and refine results from JW Recommendations before you publish the playlist. It updates in real time to ensure you can see the effects of any changes to promote or tag rules.
You can toggle between the overlay view (default for 'Similar Videos') or list view (default for 'Video Search') to get a better idea of how viewers will interact with the playlist content.

Remember to read "JW Recommendations" for more details on requirements & best practices.

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