Limit Number of Plays

Hello! Wondering if JWPlayer allows for a business to limit the amount of times a video is played by each IP address. Thanks!

Google Analytics Tracking on iFrame Video

Hi there, I have a video embedded on my site using the iFrame method. The site is Is there anyway at all I can get analytical data regarding the number of video plays etc. to feed...

JW Player Usage

Dear Support, Could you please help us to find out where our license key is being used for JWplayer? We want to ascertain we are the one who are using it. Thanks Basit

Nielsen integration

We are having trouble integrating Nielsen tracking into our players. IS there a guide to doing this?

Thumbnails preview

Is there a way to track (with GA) when people actually use the thumbnails preview? Tx


Olá boa tarde , gostaria de saber quais URLs são suportados no upload remoto (pela URL) ? Obg e desde já agradeço a atenção .

Content Providers Analytics

So we are building a SVoD service pulling together contents from different providers under one platform and we want to give providers access to their video's analytics by building a separate service using ...


Can I use a playlist that I create in JW player to generate a Media RSS feed?

What is a self-serve customer?

What is a self-serve customer? JW analytics says: The Analytics - Content Detail page is currently unavailable for self-serve customers. We will resume service as soon as possible. What does it mean?