Can I use a playlist that I create in JW player to generate a Media RSS feed?

What is a self-serve customer?

What is a self-serve customer? JW analytics says: The Analytics - Content Detail page is currently unavailable for self-serve customers. We will resume service as soon as possible. What does it mean?

Duration differences

I am capturing the video duration using jwplayer().getDuration() function. The value i get in return is 119.52. I then convert it into minutes (119.52 / 60) = 1.992. But the video duration on the player is 1:5...

Play count is far less than jwplayer embedded count

hi, here is the example link where i have been using jwplayer.=> we are using two different purposes using two different div->ids, on is...

playback problem

PBS is now using your player on Facebook. But when videos will not play. This link, e.g., just keeps buffering endlessly:

Media ID with multiple sources

Perhaps there could be a little more information published on the analytics Media ID parameter ? I'm using a self hosted player / self hosted content model. From what I've experienced so far it app...

looking for key no.

I was playing PCH and all of a sudden a message came on the screen that said _error setting up player:invalid license key: so now I cannot play pchkeno or pchlotto and I'm trying desperately to find an an...