Permission denied

Hi Sir, i just input my iframe code at 4pm, then 1 hour after at 5pm the screen become like this => why my video become like that?? what should i do now? If I switch to a premium ...

file converting to .mp4

May I know which video converter does JW Player use to convert to .MP4? We are using ffmpeg but few files failed conversion and we were then unable to play 'em on JW Player. Please advise.


I need to learn by this video software video driver's license test.

Starting JWplayer when RTMP stream begins.

I have JWplayer 7 set up and running mostly fine on my website, but sometimes it fails to detect an RTMP stream. If I start streaming, and then load the webpage (autostart set to true), then sometimes the play...

good bitrates

I want to provide a range of video quality to accommodate everything from a hug monitor on a desktop with fast broadband to a small phone with crappy 3G Using MP4 format what is a good bitrate and resolutio...

File format not working

I understand that JW player does not support AVI or WMV, so JW team convert our videos to MP4 when we upload 'em to their online player. Is it the same case with .wav, .mpg and f4v formats? Kindly revert ASAP.