I want to display streaming on my website using JwPlayer and I have this link

360 vr doesn't work on mobile devices

Hi, 360 vr is not working on mobile device. This is the test link where you can find the issue "". player screen goes black when open the link. when see the video on ful...

Track list as javascript variable

Hi All, Firstly, I am using JW6, and trying to build a player using all JS variables. I am able to pass the stream url and placeholder image successfully, but I cannot get subtitles to work. I am able to ...

player start in mute

Suddenly (last 3 weeks) jwplayer start with mute, why that? i didnt change nothing in my code. i am using jwplayer from your cloud.!/audio/yes/radio/yes/ar/iba-aYEQB1-RUFm1

sharing a video

The videos on our website do not appear to have a "share" function. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is?


Hi, I've got a Free account and I'm trying to do some testing to see if JW Player will work for us. The storage limits are too low for us - so we're going to have to use AmazonS3 to store our ...

Fullscreen not working with playlists

Hello, I have the following difficulty, when I use the player with playlists the "fullscreen" function doesn't work; that is, I press the button to change to fullscreen but it immediately returns...

Video Quality

I just uploaded a full HD high quality clip to my videos and it looks terrible. Any idea why?