jwplayer().setMute() If I use this,I can get this error " jwplayer.js:4 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined" after it, I can't run next code.

Stop function doesn't work.

jwplayer().stop() Before load the video, jwplayer().stop() doesn't work. I want to stop the video before load.

a question of JW player in iphone

halo! Im using a JW player. BUT some problem is here. The original source is MXF video files. capacity issues and im convert mp4, I brought up the upload The PC and the Android platform, there is a ...

JW Player doesn't work in Edge if video size is small

Go to in Edge, reduce browser window size to 300px and reload the page. Click play on video. Result - it won't play and error message will be displ...

error code 500 appears

I was trying to watch PBS newshour and tha error code appeared/ I am not very tech savvy Help

Storage & CDN Cost

May I know if using JWPlayer, does the pricing include hosting of the video and global CDN streaming?


When I watch something appears connection failed : application rejected connection , please help me solve

technical help

How to restore the audio/sound icon on jwplayer. The icone has disappeared from the bottom right of the bar on the player so now I can't get any sound when streaming on the player