about premium user

Hi, i want to ask about if im premium user thats package i see in website is 250 GB / month what that mean? can someone explain whats that meaning?

Streaming videos over https://

Video streaming works fine when JW player is played on http but it doesn't work on https.I am using this library <script src=""></sc...


I have just signed up so that i can watch the Grand Prix, i have done as asked and what do i get some bloke a moron telling about how rich he is and wanting me to send money why if he is so F***** god. have i w...

How do I stop ot?

This JW Player is on many news sites. I don't want to see a video or hear it. There is no way to stop it - and it follows you around - as I scroll down the page a small version pops up and fills half the...

Not able to play Investopedia videos

Off late, I am not able to view the Investopedia videos on Chrome or I.E. I get a message, Error loading media: File could not be played. Here is a sample link