sharing a video

The videos on our website do not appear to have a "share" function. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is?


Hi, I've got a Free account and I'm trying to do some testing to see if JW Player will work for us. The storage limits are too low for us - so we're going to have to use AmazonS3 to store our ...

Fullscreen not working with playlists

Hello, I have the following difficulty, when I use the player with playlists the "fullscreen" function doesn't work; that is, I press the button to change to fullscreen but it immediately returns...

Video Quality

I just uploaded a full HD high quality clip to my videos and it looks terrible. Any idea why?

Permission denied

when i try open video link, its say permission denied, why ? may i know?

Player problems

Hi, I got. some Problems with this Site/Videostream. Can you help me? I have ohne iPad2 and User Safari. The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format...

Cast not working if source is from a playlist

Tried the latest version (7.9.1). Casting a video doesn't work if it's from a playlist. It just loads for a second and returns to the Chromecast home page, and the video will resume playing on the PC/...

[Android] Transparent window orientation error.

Go back to the portrait from landscape automatically when the device is rotated. [Phone state] Portrait > Device rotate by user. > Landscape > Portrait(Automatically) -> Deleting 'PlayerCo...

Use textureview in jwPlayerView Android

I would like to know how to use a textureview in jwplayer android, instead of the default that is surfaceview since it has some limitations and that is why I needed to implement the textureview