my script for cloud platform can't work out

Hi I have found my cloud platform is not working properly which it can't load player beside that i try the cloud platform code from this page

Srt embedded in our vdeos

We need to find a solution for our university wide videos to captions. REV transcribed ok for us to srt files but when we aksed captioning they cancelled the order and said the quality was not high enough. ??...

Paste URL option

Hello! How can i use the paste url option? At me it works only if i upload a video from my pc. I have my videos in video host like , , , etc. I can convert my links in some w...

Spanish CC captions not loading

I am testing closed caption functionality of the JWPlayer 7. I am using .srt files for my captions. Strange enough I can get English and Danish captions to load and also the "no captions" option ...

converter for jw?

Hi. I think we are all familiar with the YouTube to MP4/MP3 converters. Is there a similar one for JWplayer that I can use?