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how do i delete content out of storage

CC button default

Hi, i made default: flase inside track object. when first time i load the player then by default CC button come with disable feature but if i left CC button by making enable and again come to that page th...


Hi, I signed up for account, but can`t figure out how to get cdn url for my Joomla plugin. could someone clear up this question for me?

jwplayer cloud hosted player stretching

Is there a way to set stretching to uniform on the cloud hosted version of the player? Or is that option only available on the embedded version of the player? thanks

sharing.code configuration no longer works

See example here: . We have this configuration for sharing which worked well until few days ago: sharing: { link: ''...

consulta de click

Hello, I need to know how to pause when I click somewhere other than the video, In other words I have a main page with a video that plays and when I go to modal I have another video Then the 2 videos are ...