Branding & UX

download free trial

Hi, is option available to download and host free trial of jwplayer 7? Where can i find link to download free version?

Moodle Play back

Is it possible to configure the JW player so that the user cannot fast forward the video ? I am looking to use the player in Moodle for E-learning and this feature will be imperative.

Jwshowcase channels

how the "channels" are determined in the showcase? is it by tags or by playlist or category ? any reference link?

Vimeo Plugin?

Is there a Vimeo Plugin available to integrate Vimeo video (not the player) from my Vimeo account into my JWPlayer? Cheers Ryan

How to change captions font size

Hi, I would like to ask, if there is a way to change font size of captions. I know, that I can use: captions: {fontSize: xx}, but in fact it doesn't work. I mean, if there is a way to change it in for exa...

Video player auto height

Is it possible to make the jwplayer auto height depends on the source size? We have a feed like UX, where we want the horizontal videos to be auto height.(i.e 270px on mobile) and if the video recorded in p...

Function if No Source?

If the player returns a "No Source" error, is there a prebuilt function so I can do a call of my choosing? Cheers! Ryan

How to remove the video function

Hi Guys, Been trying to set up a responsive full width audio only player but cant for the life of me remove the video part of the player! Any help would be massively appreciated. div id="player...