Branding & UX

Caption Styling / WEBVTT

Is there any easy way to change WEBVTT Caption Styling of all videos on JW Platform? I already checked article below, but is this option only work with embed code? >Styling Captions for FCC Compliance...

Choosing quality source for embed

I'm trying to get a higher quality source as the primary choice within a player I've embedded. I don't know how to choose the 720 source over the default which is terrible. Any ideas how this acn...

Player loses focus after clicking on the controlbar

Using the demo page here: If you click on the video display, the video will get focus and you can use the shortcut keys, but if you click on anything on the controlbar (play/pause bu...

No respose, no contact

Have opened the "Contact Us" page... nothing... no Link, no respose, no contact template... Whats going on? Bernhard

JWPlayer Sound

JWPlayer sound doesn't play on an embedded video. What do the users using Safari or Chrome have to do?