Branding & UX

Speeding up video

How can I speed up the video, like you can with youtube videos? I often watch the video 2+ Xs and would like to hear the video faster since I've already listened to it at the normal speed, I already am fam...

iOS Lock Screen - Title

Hi, If you lock an iOS device in the middle of playing, lock screen shows the link of the video instead of showing the title. It should show the video title given in the title: attribute. (or is there an oth...

Mobile Autoplay

iOS and Android have recently started allowing videos to autoplay if they are muted or contain no audio tracks, however JW Player still does not seem to autoplay on mobile even though this functionality is allo...


Hi, your video player handles subtitles? Thanks Bye

Playlist skins

Is there any options to select which type of playlist we want? Like we select skins for player.

Quality of the video is decreased

Hi I have sign up for free account and uploaded a sample video. The size of the actual video is 55.5MB. But When I have uploaded that video to my jwplayer account, the usage is saying 169MB ( though I have uplo...


Hi I refer to this question: I have downloaded and am hosting youtube.js how do i configure the p...

Video uploads

Can we no longer choose a thumbnail for our uploaded videos?