Branding & UX

Downloadable videos

When in full screen , using Chrome browser on Android, if the user presses the playing movie for a few seconds he will be granted a download option for the video he's watching. Is the a way of avoiding/pro...

control bar - duration/position

is there any way to change the default duration of the control bar to disappear in 1/2 second or less? How about to position it below the video in non-fullscreen mode?


/why would the sound quit working

Jw player download

I used to watch online sermons that used jw player to watch. I downloaded the player at that time but now have a new computer and business. how do I download the player now?

Use jwplayer on Samsung TV tizen app

I'm building a web app application for Samsung smart tv running Tizen. I'm trying to play videos using jwplayer but I get error loading media on the player. Looking for sulutions. Thank you!

version 5.10

I can't seem to get my paid for V5.10 to work anymore. It works fine locally but does not work on the side.