Branding & UX

UC browser Download Option

Hi JWplayer Support, We can see Video Download option available on Mobile UC browser(Android) for Jwplayer 6&7, when embedded player on our domain. But there is no Video Download Option on JWplayer pres...

Closed Captions on old Safari browsers bug

Just wondering if my really(!) old Safari (5.1.7) browser on Windows is the only instance out there having trouble loading a jw-made .vtt? Bug: TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating &#...

Audio only player with Closed Captions?

Hi, We'd love some advice on best practice for displaying closed captions when playing an audio file. Sadly kicking the height to 40px and going into 'audio only mode' doesn't display the C...

not appear subtitles

Already tried everything but the subtitles do not appear, the only thing that appears is the symbol "CC" I thank anyone who can help

slow buffering

Hello, please suggest how can i speedup the buffer. my video is start play correctly but after 5 second its start buffering. after sometime its showing error , loading failed. Please suggest thanks