Branding & UX

on displayClick is not working on IE

Pause wasn't working when taping on the screen, so I tried to create my own function, but using jwplayer().on('displayClick') doesn't work on IE.

iOS - JWPlayer - Playlist - Selected Index - Play

Hi Team, We are using JWPlaylistItem class to play the playlist files in JWplayer, And it is working fine as expected. But we need a feature like if the user selects a video from the playlist the selecte...

playlist nextupoffset

How change nextupoffset value for each playlist item in jwplayer 8 once playlist is loaded. thanks

iOS - JWplayer - Playlist - Auto next - With UI

We are integrating JWPlayer in our iOS Native app in Objective c language, We have a feature where the user can have their own playlist and once the play all button in the playlist is clicked. We will navigate ...


We'll like to customize the Showcase viewing area. What are our options?