Branding & UX

Adult Video

Hello, I would like to know do you allow to upload adult videos or not. Thank you

SVG bug in Firefox (close banner X icon)

Hello, there is a bug in firefox which prevents inline SVG in from being rendered, when there is an unescaped # symbol, see vs, firefox can...

The wordpress code does not work

The code automatically generated by wordpress not working. (Example: [jwplayer r99KfsqI]). I always have to copy the embed code.

Subtitle position

I would like to know how to adjust the position of the subtitle for html5 player as the subtitle has been embeded in the player. Thanks

remove the you-tube icon

how can i remove the you-tube icon from the right bottom of my video(file publish by URL from youtube)

JWPlayer Integration in android app

I am trying to use JWPlayer in android app .i have downloaded SDKand integrated in app but it producing error .i want to integrate in my app in Android Studio.please need guidelines to integrate with latest and...

How do I overlay a billboard?

I just want to add a billboard so that an image is overlayed on top of the video with the play button. I feel like there used to be a feature that did this, but I don't see it now. Thanks!

Permission denied on my website

Hi, I started using jwplayer for my website But I'm having a problem. Please consider helping me! I use JW Player Plugin - Version 1.5.5 - By JW Player for Wordpress website. After running fo...