Branding & UX

Player sizing by height badly broken in JW 8

I'm trying to achieve a layout whereby the player width is 100%, but it is limited to a certain height. The video should then be uniformly resized so that it maintains its aspect ratio and is limited to th...

URL of video

If JWT just for embedding video? What if I want to send someone a URL of the video? Thanks, joel

fullscreen in iframe

Hi all, I've been trying to add a player inside an inframe, which works just fine except it won't go fullscreen at all. It doesn't go fullscreen on any browser and the allowfullscreen code is rig...

activity indicator

I'd like to create a customer activity indicator for our branded JW player but cannot find a method of doing this here. Does it need to be a png sequence, animated svg or something else? Any help would be ...

can't see download

have signed in for free download to watch certain videos but it doesn't appear on my computer

HTML fallback

Can some one please point me to a complete example of JW player with an HTML fallback. I am using jwplayer with a Wowza server and I have never been able to get the html video fallback to work and now that fl...


where we can change the language ?

Custom Embed Help

Hello Team, Can you please guide me regarding custom embed with jwplayer. it's asking for upgrade account but i need to test it first before purchase how can i do that. Display message like: JW Playe...