Branding & UX

video player

I have to turn mine video a quart. It stand vertical . It has to be horizontal . How can i do that. I have a free JWPLAYER..

how to hide the "Copy URL"

If someone right clicks on a video, a list of options comes up including "Copy URL". How can I hide that list of options to prevent someone from copying the video URL without permission? Thanks ...

Conditional branding logo

Hello, I understand that we can add custom logo (for branding purposes) using "logo" attribute at the the time of player setup. Is there any way to to make it conditional i.e. make it appear for ce...

Autoplay Video on Webpage

Hello, on our Webpage, one Video is Auto starting and we want to stop it. In Typo 3 Backend, we could deactivate the Auto start function but the Video is still runnuing URL:

Video Not Rendering Properly in Internet Explorer

My videos are working perfectly in Firefox and Chrome, however they are not rendering properly in Internet Explorer. I have a Joomla site (with K2) and I'm using the AllVideos plugin that uses JW Player. I...

360 video

I'm wanting to embed 360 video on my website. Do you have a player to make that work?


Why there isn't shortcut for CC? It would be useful