Roku Ads

We're testing JW Player as a potential replacement for our current provider. (We represent a small studio that produces a nationally syndicated cable and satellite automotive show.) We are looking at the...

HTML5 VPAID and AdClickThru event (follow up)

Hello, Last year i reported a bug regarding the way JW Player handles AdClickthru events in VPAID ads. Here is the thread about it:

Scheduling Natural Ad Breaks for Mid Roll

Hello - does JWPlayer have a more automated solution for scheduling mid roll ad breaks where they should naturally appear in a variety of content? I've read about scheduling the time intervals but i know Y...

Skip override via VAST 3.0

Hello there, Right now we're using VAST 3.0 with JWPLAYER 7. Will the VAST 3.0 extension settings override the skip on the jwplayer7? We want to override the skip on the player with the skip sett...

Filling Ad Inventory

Hi, I was interested in filling my ad inventory and was wondering if you had video ad tags which we can implement to our domain. Thanks, Meng To

MediaFile type for hls

trying to get an m3u8 stream to run in a creative. tried <MediaFile delivery="streaming" type="application/x-mpegURL"> <![CDATA[

Vast Ad Error

I have a Vast ad that passes validation here: