Not start playing on single click

hello , i am web Developer. i have question that my jwplayer is working fine in desktop. but it is not start video on single click. i have to click twice for start video in tablet and mobile. and also issue wit...


how do i stop this annoying crap slowing down my pc?

How to buy VAST only?

Hello. I bought phpvibe engine and I use jwplayer and for video advertising i need VAST. How I can to buy VAST only? Thanks.

Nemogu da pustim niti da otvorim sajt,ne samo ovaj već većinu,jer mi google nedozvoljena,a koristim ih od kako znam da postoje.

Show only ad through JWPplayer without content

Good time of day. Can you help me, please? I want to use your player to show VAST Ad in my android app. Is there way to show it without video content? Can you give me an example how to do this? Thank you...

how to get ad tags list with API

Please help me to on following thing: I want the list of ad tags with php api, these ad tags are those which we can see on jw dashboard Advertising=>AD TAGS

Adserver vs. Player

What's the role of a an adserver and a player when defining e.g. skippable ad, skippable after x seconds, countdown, ad labeling. Is this Information coming from the adserver or is it part of the player? A...

Passing a parameter to JavaScript creative

How can I pass a value from the JWPlayer OVA configuration block on my web page to a linear VPAID JavaScript creative that's specified in that block? I'm aware of the "custParams" property ...

Does __page-url__ read parent url or iframe url?

JWPlayer, I want to be able to see what domains pre-rolls are being called from. I like how the macros open up possibilities for __referrer__ and __page-url__ and __domain__ . But, now I have questions: 1...

FreeWheel ads integration

Hi I need help with FreeWheel ads integration. Currently we use FreeWheel SDK directly but it seem an overhead. Our project uses full versiov of JWPlayer with all possibilities, including advertisent. I need...