Для просмотра видео на сайте нужен JWplayer как загрузить на компьютер JWplayer

VAST3 // Macros

Hi, all. My name is Sergey and i have one question about supporting VAST3 macros in your JWPlayer. I tried to test my VAST3 tag (

configure popup AD with JW Player

Hello, I am learning how to use jwplayer for my wordpress new site. and i'd like to know if you could recommend some stable good in video advertising plugin for wordpress? Also, the app for JWplayer Android ...

VPAID events issues

Hi In my project i need to handle some adversiting events such as adStart adComplete adTime etc The most important is adTime because i need to send information to reporting system about first quartile / mid...


I have trouble watching video JWPLAYER on another site, the following appears erro: Cannot load M3U8: 403 status code

Ad Scheduling

hi, Can someone point me to ads page (where to find it) on my account? I need to schedule ads and plug to my player? Its super urgent!

playing mode

I am new at posting videos for commercial use and I have the following question: how can one get a video to play on mouse hover instead mouse click? Thank you.

JWPlayer in iPhone(Silent mode )

How do i get sound even when iPhone was in silent mode? Im using JWPlayer SDK.Im not using default player to play my video.Almost my app is ready for release.Please help me ASAP.Waiting for your valuable solut...