VIMEO + PDF pre-roll

Hello, I need to embed a video from Vimeo + preroll Google DFP. Is this possible? What version of jwPlayer is needed? Pro, Premium or Enterprise? Thank's, Marina.

No view upload files

We are up .mp4 files, the rise seems correct, but not displayed in the video list. How I can see if they are on the list of videos? Thanks

Setup Pre-Roll Waterfall in Javascript

Do we need to use the dashboard to setup Vast/vPaid waterfalls, or can we use javascript only now? I am calling a single VAST/vPaid tag with the Javascript, but saw that with JW7 I can create an array of tag...

In app testing

Hi all, I would like to know if there's some king of app emulator that users like me can use for testing ? Thanks, Aviad

Firefox bug

The jwplayer keeps saying its loading the ad but if you click on it twice it will play normally. This is in firefox and some devices don't have the problem and some have. The version I use is 7.6.1 whi...

JWP SDK call google DFP with group targeting

Is there any possibility to do with JWP SDK a request call to google DFP for an advertisement and to play it(VAST)? I'm asking cause I can't find any information related to this problem.

Force player to pre-load vast tag

Hi, Is there a way to force jw player to pre-load vast tag? It might take a while for player to load video from vast as player needs to follow all redirects in vast tags. So would be good to make player pre-...

Error Loading Google IMA SDK

I'm currently testing pre-roll ads on my player, and I'm getting the following error when testing on Firefox Error Loading Google IMA SDK // This is not...


Для просмотра видео на сайте нужен JWplayer как загрузить на компьютер JWplayer