Tracking Clicks

Where should a click macro be inserted in a JW Player tag in order to properly track clicks in DFP?

Auto-starting a video on page load in BB browser

Hi, I'm a user of Blackberry Passport ( OS BB10) and have the following problem. On default browser JW Player auto-starts a video on website which is quite annoying since it eats up tons of cellular data trans...

Input direct VAST-XML

Hello, is it possible to put the vast-xml code directly to the player without put the url in there. I want to ask more than one vast-url simultaneously and the first who return a code with an ad should play...


I want to add advertising in video and my code is that var playerInstance = jwplayer("myElement"); jwplayer("myElement").setup({ "file": "

3rd Party Vast certification for JW Player

Within JW Player documentation there is clear reference to the 3rd party Ad Servers that are considered "Supported Ad Servers" ...

Auto Playing AD's

Why is it that I cannot turn off these AD's, how can I disable them. When I click on it there is no options like before with normal flash. It even mocks you and says you just enjoyed a video on JW Flash Player....

Targeting ads to playlist and tags

Hi, I need to target ads to specific playlist ID, and specific tag name. Which variable should I use? I use __item-mediaid__ for targeting to one video file, and it works fine. Please help :)

incorrect error - Invalid License Key.

Some days a tried find out why I see this error only in iphone 5, 6+ (another i don't have), but all work good in desktop and android. We use advertising with this player. And today when i commented - primary: ...

Full-slot (linear

I am Confused to Setup Full-slot (linear Ad in My Jw Player So Please Can Anyone help me out In this issue