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error setting up player invalid license key

I am using jwplayer version 7.3.6. I have just updated this version and after this I am facing this error "error setting up player invalid license key" in my .mp4 videos Issue is coming on every br...

Source link to the original uploaded video?

Hi No idea if my question is placed in the correct topic (JW Platform). I cannot even see this topic amongst the other topics in the left side bar. When uploading videos to my dashboard the video is also ...

make jwplayer play when pause caus problem

i make a streaming by jwplayer and some time connexion lost and come back so in this time my jwplayer paus even the connexion come he still in event pause, so i need i function with loop verifier if jwlayer pa...

How to control brightness

A few days, we purchased and applied jw player in our web server. we have difficulty in playing it. the video is not bright enough. but, we don't know how to control screen brightness. Please, inform u...

Re Android jwplayer.jar

Hi, I found the "jwplayer-android-sdk-2.2.1+149.aar" in the downloaded android sdk from your website. .arr files not Support in the eclipse IDE. Do you have Sdk in library project/.jar format by t...

iOS SDK Volume

What's the best way to handle mute/unmute on iOS via the iOS native SDK?

Test page

How to created a test page in JW player account??

secondary file formats

IF i want to ensure comparability with as many devices and browsers as is reasonably possible which file formats should i make available for each video