Account & Billing

Latest jwplayer 7 self-hosted ?

Hello, Thanks for the great effort you put in the jwplayer in the past years. I'm a casual user for jwplayer and I'm not a big fan of the cloud servers/services ( I even run my owncloud ), call me ...

Reached Limit for PLays

Hello, I received an account notice that I have reached the maximum number of plays on my free account. I manage hundreds of sites and I do not remember embedding JWPLayer in any of them. Is there a way to...

Switch Plan

Hello everyone, i had jwplayer pro subscription for 1 year i want to switch my subscription to android sdk so, ho do i get it done

Where is JWPlayer Key?

HI all I am using JW Player SelfHosted Key, but right now I can not find it at my account, can some one point it to me right now i am using free plan account

Amount of Usage

Hi there, I have a question about the amount of usage related to my account. I use a free account for now and I would like to upgrade to the Starter. For the time being, I have uploaded 5 videos totally ...

Clearification on Starter Package

In the card view of the jwplayer package selection, in starter pack it read: "500 Videos / 50,000 Plays". What does that means exactly? Also, we'll be adding videos to Amazon S3 and using those U...

Reg : Usage details

Dear Team, Please clarify below points. 1. Where do i check my JW player usage - domains wise report ? 2. Where do i checj My JW Player key in my dashboard ? Please do needful. Regards, Guna

Something seems to be broken

I'm trying to figure out exactly how you have us rated at 1.32 million plays when we have zero content hosted with or streamed through your service. We already paid for the standlone player license, so are...