Account & Billing


Hi please delete my account from your site.thanks!


My company would like to bring you 100s of accounts that are leaving youtube. Just one of their 30 minute videos gets over 250000 plays. How are my customers supposed to afford your service? They all have thous...

Never got the activation mail.

Hi! I can't login to my account. Signed up for premium yesterday but used an address that was "almost" ready to use unfortunately.

Weird Email From Support

I received an email this morning telling me my support query would be answered soon and it it is a support number. But I didnt make any such request. Anybody know who I can contact without upgrading an account/...

FALLSALE60 special upgrade pricing

I am currently signed up for "free" version. You have a special if I upgrade - usually $25 but now $10/mo. Often this is only for a limited time and not available on an ongoing basis. How does this...

deleting accunt

I would like to delete my account. It there any possibility to do that? Thank you very much in advance.


Hi, Is there a license at the free edition for a self-hosted player? Seems it used to be but it says in my account to upgrade. With regards,

Pricing and Feature for JWPlayer

Hi Team, We are using DaCast for streaming and video storage but we don't want to use their native player and now want to use JWPlayer so that our VODs can be played using DaCast streaming services in th...

Special Price

I have a video streaming server and I can stream on it. I need only a video player. Can you give me a price for only video player lifetime licence? I'm waiting for your answer, thanks.