Embedded flv video not working in Chrome

I have just noticed that videos (.flv) previously working in Chrome are now not loading. However, mp4 videos work as before. In Internet Explorer both types of video work fine so it seems to be an issue w...

Video player doesn't appear on Android (and MacOS)

Hello, So I have put JWplayer on my website and even though it does work on a computer the player doesn't even show on Android (there is nothing, not even a black box or anything). Anyone knows how to ...

freelance Programmer

Where can I find a freelancer Programmer available to integrate the showcase of our channel for Apple TV, Web and Roku? Thank you

Downloading JW Player

i'd like to download JW player. either new versions or older ones without upgrading account. im just looking to just have it installed on my computer and not make monetary stuff on it


have been a while that our jwplayer is with errors in our site the video is displaying oit of the player doens't showing right