Related videos

I'm upgrading from JWPlayer 6 to 8 and having some problems with related videos. After the upgrade I can't get related videos to work at all. Here's a simple code example on my approach: jw...

Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation

Hello. I am getting an error when I try to use the JWPlayer to load a video. The video UI Overlay does not appear on the video (though the video still plays as part of the <video> element) and I am gett... API

when i do GET , i always get either 1. {"message":"MediaConfig['Ll2J840Z']: Invalid status: PROCESSING"} 2. {"message"...

Adding JWPlayer Showcase to my shopify site

I wanna add JWPlayer to my shopify site. So my questions are : 1. How can i integrate that in my shopify app. 2. I wanna add showcase player in multiple pages with different videos. In brief : I want to add s...


hı there .. please ıs there any way that can make ıt by default autoplay and resıze the vıdeo ?