have been a while that our jwplayer is with errors in our site the video is displaying oit of the player doens't showing right

Private Videos

Hi. I'm new here. I'm wondering how to create private videos or a private "channel." As background, I have software demonstration videos that I want to share with clients but not the public.

Webhooks on new content?

Is it possible to register webhooks to detect new content being published on the platform? Today i'm resorting to polling in order to get new and updated content information.

Unable to integrate Jw-player in Android

We have already integrated jw- player in our application and everything was working fine. The code we used to integrate, compile 'com.longtailvideo.jwplayer:jwplayer-core:+' compile 'com....

Looks like https certificate expired

I got "Could not GET '' and I go to the link and it says certificates expired. If my configuration or something is wrong, let me know. Thx.

Display related videos

Hello, I would like to implement related videos to be display on mi page with JWPlayer. My basic setup looks somethink like this: jwplayer("myElement").setup({ playlist: [{ file: "http...

Regarding issues in jwplayer8.0

Hi Team, I am trying to customise the following features in the JWPlayer8.0. But I am facing issues in the items given below: - 1) I am not able to use a dynamic/static string as watermark. 2) I am not a...

Dowload permissions for embedded audio

Hi, I am considering this application to host sample audio on my website. I need something that will not allow the audio to be downloaded. I realize that nothing is 100% safe and that is okay. Does this ap...